I recently submitted a resume which went directly to the hiring manager. He asked me for an interview the next day and I agreed. At the end of the interview, I received his contact information and he asked me to attend a second interview with another manager the following day. This process has taken part over 3 days so far.

My question is do I only follow up with the first manager that I saw on the second day as the thought of sending two thank-you emails within 24 hours seems a bit like a spam. Or alternatively do I send a single follow up email that addresses them both?


No, you don't need to send one yet.

You're right, that many emails in such a short period of time would be annoying, particularly since you already have another interview with them booked. Save any follow-up emails until after the interview period is done. If they are maintaining contact with you, then there isn't really a need for a follow-up. They are most useful after the interview period is over and they've told you that they will contact you once they've made their decision.

Also, if/when you do decide to send a follow-up note, keep in mind what they are really about.

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