These days in the IT Sphere it seems nearly mandatory to have some open source work in accessible GitHub account listed on your CV.

As someone cursed with a laser-like focus when it comes to developing, I don't have the breadth of mind, energy or drive to code something ELSE in my spare time, away from work.

What are alternatives to open source work to compensate for this modern 'gap' in my CV, and how can I present my CV in such a way the gap will be glossed over?

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  • @gnat I am not sure this problem is limited to confidentiality. I frankly do not know why this is such a hot item on CVs, hence why I don't know what could replace it. – Weckar E. Aug 28 '17 at 10:41
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    The suggested duplicates make no sense to me but your question probably is unanswerable here. If we accept your questionable premise you're basically asking "I should have X on my resume but don't want to do X. How can I make up for not having X on there?". To which the obvious answer is "anything equivalent to X", which is a shopping question. And while people certainly obsess over open source contributions when giving job searching advice, I've never found it to be a must-have. The value or otherwise of such experience might make a better question, if we don't have one like it already. – Lilienthal Aug 28 '17 at 11:16
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    having open source stuff is not a 'must have' so your basic premise is flawed. It's completely up to the interviewers etc,. whether they see open source work as beneficial or detrimental, or discount it entirely. It doesn't mean much to me if I was interviewing. A possible handicap even if there is a lot. – Kilisi Aug 28 '17 at 11:45

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