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I started a new job in a team leading position in a new company two months ago. The new company is still quite young but growing substantially (now 400+ employees). In my new role as a team lead I ...
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Should I tell my boss I have started looking for a new job because I think my salary is too low? [duplicate]

Summary I believe myself to be underpaid and have started looking for a new job. I don't have an offer yet. Should I tell my boss as a way to gain leverage in salary negotiations? Long form I know ...
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After starting a job I found it was advertised at a higher pay grade. Should I raise this with my manager? [duplicate]

I joined a new company in the beginning of 2015 at grade 5 (though the salary difference wasn't that much more than the previous employer), I tried to negotiate but they said that the offer is final ...
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Being paid less than a "junior" colleague [duplicate]

I'm a senior developer and team lead that's been with my company since leaving college. I've recently found that a colleague, who was hired last year as a senior engineer (so a step below me ...
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Letting my boss know that my salary is below market rate without making it a threat to leave [duplicate]

I've been at my job for almost 1 year. I'm pretty happy with it. It's not perfect, but I see it as an excellent opportunity, both for growth and for improving and expanding my skills. The area I ...
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When is it 'too soon' to ask for a high raise? [duplicate]

TLDR: I think I deserve a big raise for my skills, but I've only been in this company since 1.5 years ago. Background I studied to become a mecatronic engineer. After 5 years in a first company, I ...
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Is it reason enough to ask for a raise for the reason that "the company needs me"? [duplicate]

The situation : I'm the contracted web developer for my company (which isn't an IT company). They are using a legacy framework that almost nobody knows, has a very small community, and the general ...
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Is it appropriate to ask for a raise? [duplicate]

Last year, I landed in a messy project. I started by sharing suggestions to make things better. I brought in a tool that allowed parallel resources availability etc. I was hired to work for three ...
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My colleagues earn 1.5 times more money than I. How do I increase my salary? [duplicate]

A year ago I got relocated to the UK from the Netherlands and continued in the same company(in one of the big 4). As I was happy to have a job in my host country I accepted the salary of 38.500. Which ...
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My boss gave me everyone's pay by mistake and mine is lower, how can I increase it? [duplicate]

I found out that a co worker is making 10,000 dollars more than me. My boss handed me a document that had increases for all our employees by mistake. He grabbed in back when he realized it had someone ...
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Asking for a 50% raise [duplicate]

I was hired by an established tech startup straight out of college, along with a handful of other college hires. I was given a salary of 50K (which I knew was a drop low for that industry), but they ...
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I am being paid less than I would like, how can I change this? [duplicate]

I am a web developer with about 4 years of relevant work experience in my field. Recently, I went from making $30/hr working from home contracting for large companies to a full time job that only pays ...
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Offered the lower position because I had no degree. I got the degree. Do I ask for increase? [duplicate]

When my boss left, I interviewed for the position and I got it. However, because I didn't have a degree I was offered a lower position for less pay. I was told that once I got my degree my position ...
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What steps do I have to take if I believe my pay should be higher after working at a company for 6 months? [duplicate]

I'm in the second round of interviews and my salary expectation going into the job is $XX,000 as an entry-level software developer. I am aware that most of the other workers in the company who have ...
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How soon is it OK to ask for a raise at a new job? [duplicate]

I started a new permanent job (my previous was contracted) back in the beginning of January, I negotiated a salary that was in between their initial offer and my hourly rate from the contract position....
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