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I don't want to go into detail, but I'm contracted to maintain a large amount of computers. Every now and then I'll end up with 20-50 minutes of downtime where all the computers are working ...
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Is it reasonable to blame an employee for not being productive at work when there's no work to be done? [duplicate]

I am a front-end developer and I recently had a meeting with my boss. During the meeting, he blamed me for not doing anything in the office for months. He mentioned that I should be involved with ...
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How to not seem lazy in the eyes of my co-workers? [duplicate]

I'm new in my workplace, and one of the very few IT guys in here (totally 3 I believe ), I'm externalized from another company to work here. My work consist in filling some very important reports that ...
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What to do when no work in office? [duplicate]

I am working in software firm since 1 year. For last 3 months we dont have much work to do. So the first thing comes to my mind every morning when I come to office is, what to do today? Please ...
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How to utilize the free time during office hours? [duplicate]

I am a software developer and most of the times when I find free time I read few news or technical websites like Techcrunch, Gizmodo, etc or read Twitter. How do I utilize this time to the maximum, ...
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How do I deal with a lack of meaningful tasks? [duplicate]

I'm a recent graduate working with a small-medium sized company. I've completed my first project last week and have been assigned to do an enhancement on one of our products. In the past few days, I'...
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Dealing with lack of work in new job efficiently and professionally [duplicate]

I joined this IT company 3 months ago for my first job as C developer. I graduated last summer as software engineer and to make things clear, this is not my first "Getting in touch" with professional ...
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What should I do with short periods of time with nothing to do? [duplicate]

As a software developer on a relatively small team handling a big job, I have never found myself with no tasks on my plate; new work comes frequently, and completed tasks are quickly replaced with new ...
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what should I do when there is nothing to do in office [duplicate]

As stated in the title, what should I do when there is nothing to do in the office? Should I go ask my supervisor for any work or should I wait for them to come to me? I am a new hire to the company ...
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Administrator waiting for processes to finish [duplicate]

I got my first job as an administrator. Basically I have to install operating systems and software to computer. The problem is that I have sometimes nothing to do but wait for process to finish. It ...
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How can I "kill" time at work when there is no work for me to do?

I am a chemical engineer, and I have been spending much of the last two months doing nothing (either surfing the web or chatting with other employees) since my project has been very slow. The company ...
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What to do when my boss explicitly says he has nothing for me to do? [duplicate]

I work in a small office (three people usually) and I am fairly new (here less than three months). In general, I have things to do or can pester my boss to either give me something to do or make the ...
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Is it acceptable to slack off and how can I get more work to do?

I am an intern at a software development company. I often find myself slacking off, which I tried to justify by thinking it was because I am only assigned one task and there is no pressure or ...
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Is it wrong to use Flexitime if it can leave me without needed guidance? [closed]

I'm a Junior Web Developer at a small agency in the UK and all the staff have now been offered flexitime. I am excited for this as it means that I can now work 8 to 4:30 rather than the usual 9 to 5:...
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I have nothing to do at my job, and it has been a month. Should I quit? [closed]

I have recently started admin job at this startup and I feel like it is sucking my life away, and boring the brains out of me.. Firstly, there is little to no tasks for me. And my colleagues know it. ...
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