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Acceptable for new hire to bring up bad security practices, or "go with the flow"? [duplicate]

I'm a new hire low-level engineer at a large company in the US. When signing up for my benefits/insurance package, I noticed that the password requirements included a 9 character maximum. Needless to ...
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Do I tell my new boss my honest opinion?

I've recently been employed as a people manager for a branch of a large organization which is struggling with both staff engagement and performance. One of my observations after being in the role for ...
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How can I get co-workers to buy into some of my ideas? [duplicate]

I am very new in my workplace and would like to bring up some changes. Most of these changes would bring the environment up to industry standards for this field, software development. How can I go ...
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How to raise red flags when you don't have much political capital yet?

I joined a company a few weeks ago. I'm a team manager responsible for several projects managed my PMs. One of them is sponsored by very senior stakeholders at my company. The stakeholders and my ...
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Team employs bad practices in programming, Should I still stay?

I work as a programmer, mainly as a web developer, for a company that makes use of a niche programming language that has a bad reputation. Basically, the developers that left the company have made ...
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When to suggest improvements at new job

I've recently started a new job at an advertising agency, one month ago It seems like a good place to work, but they have some very dated ways of doing things when it comes to sharing project folders.....
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How do I approach my new boss in my new job about major changes in my working environment? [duplicate]

I have very recently started a new job as a Software Engineer. Hardware consists of a pretty good windows 10 notebook (i7, 1TB SSD, 32RAM, 3 x 24" screen) in a "dev network" independent from the ...
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As a prospective intern, how do I evaluate how easy it would be for me to improve a team's practices?

I've been offered a summer software development internship on a close-knit team of four people. It looks good, except for some very troubling development practices. These include: No version ...
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How to inspire change as a new employee in a company that's clearly becoming obsolete? [duplicate]

I was hired recently into an old company from the 80s that sells some niche BASIC software, servers, and support for warehousing and fulfillment. My position is the lone programmer in the "new" web ...
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Suggesting changes to existing programming practices as a newcomer [duplicate]

I recently started a new job as a programmer in a small team working on a web-based app. The code base has been built up over 10-15 years, so there is a fair amount of cruft and code that could be ...
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How do I propose new projects as a summer intern?

I wanted to ask how a summer intern would go about proposing new projects towards a company. As I am wrapping up the final weeks of my summer internship developing additional functions to the company'...
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How to deal with confused project requirements and timelines?

I am 2 months into a new job as a software engineer. One of the things I've quickly realized is that confusion about requirements and time lines is the law of the land. To give some more context, the ...
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How to provide feedback on technical debt after first day in role [duplicate]

I've just joined a startup (first day finished). And there's a few things i've already noticed are a little off kilter. The major is that a fundamental piece of the engineering (RPC) is a framework ...
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Am I overstepping? [duplicate]

I am junior in a large corporation. I have been raising issues with management about problems with our products that may eventually cause some severe problems down the line - nothing life threatening ...
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How to convince a boss to improve developer workflow [duplicate]

I work in a web development company that makes a range of websites for different clients. I have only worked there for about a year (this is my first programming job) and I'm currently part-time ...
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