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New employer's code is a timebomb of epic proportions. How to deal with this accordingly? [duplicate]

Using a temp anonymous account because I post regularly on stackoverflow/here under my real name. So I got a new employer the other week as a software engineer. Friendly team, good employer. No issues ...
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Dealing with your ideas not being taken into account

I work as a software engineer in a firm that could be described as "an accounting firm that also develops software". In my day-to-day work, I notice there's some things that are done by hand,...
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How can I advocate for a change that a very admired colleague opposes?

I'm a senior developer at a new job. One rock star programmer on my team is considered senior. He has worked on the project for years. His code has unhelpful or misleading names. It has methods and ...
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Software development shop doesn't have standard technology choices for web-development

The company I started working at about 6 months ago has no "standard" or "default" technologies for web application development. The company is fairly new to hiring developers, so ...
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Should I propose a big change as a newcomer?

I have been working in the IT department of a (relatively) small company for 2 months. Recently the boss of another department (who is a former developer) told me that it would be nice if we started ...
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When to suggest improvements at new job

I've recently started a new job at an advertising agency, one month ago It seems like a good place to work, but they have some very dated ways of doing things when it comes to sharing project folders.....
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How to demonstrate technical leadership skills in a situation where my inputs may not be welcome?

I work at a large software enterprise. Multiple orgs, multiple teams, huge hierarchy of managers and managers of managers. I am a fairly senior individual contributor with more than a decade of ...
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How to effectively challenge "this is how we always do it"

I have worked in a number of software companies, and all of which have their own idiosyncrasies, which is perfectly understandable. The problem is, that some of these are (objectively) not good ...
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As the new guy, how do I get people to act on all their big talk?

I'm "the new guy" at a small manufacturing company's IT department. We've a small team of 3 application devs + 1 database dev/dba-ish role. I've been here for a few months, so I'm hitting the point ...
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Convincing manager to change programming languages [duplicate]

I'm a software engineer at a small manufacturing firm writing custom software for the company to use in various areas, from the assembly line to managing documentation. We have a large number of ...
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As a prospective intern, how do I evaluate how easy it would be for me to improve a team's practices?

I've been offered a summer software development internship on a close-knit team of four people. It looks good, except for some very troubling development practices. These include: No version ...
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Software development for a beginner, selling to your boss [duplicate]

I work for a large multi-national on one of the largest projects ever undertaken. I am definitely not a software developer and I am sure most would laugh at my code. I have very limited experience ...
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As a new employee, what is the proper way to raise concerns that the IT department is being mismanaged at a risk to the company? [closed]

I have recently joined an IT department of a non-profit international organization (offices around the globe). The department is completely disorganized, no formal procedures, outdated applications (...
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How to overcome corporate inertia [duplicate]

The situation: I work on a small company in Brazil, that is not focused on development. I can’t really find a way to describe my position, but I work as a mix of infrastructure, network and database ...
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how do you create a design system culture in your team [duplicate]

Design systems are gaining a lot of popularity lately, especially with invisions design system manager coming up next month However setting up these tools are only half the battle according to even ...
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