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I've been interning at a startup as a project manager for the last 2 months. Whenever I make a mistake and take a wrong step my boss will just randomly drop me message stating that I did not do ...
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how do you create a design system culture in your team [duplicate]

Design systems are gaining a lot of popularity lately, especially with invisions design system manager coming up next month However setting up these tools are only half the battle according to even ...
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How soon should I advocate for making changes after starting in a new job?

I recently started a new job at a new company as a Systems Administrator. The company is a small business with about 120 employees that, in my opinion, is on the cusp of becoming a medium-sized one ...
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How to demonstrate technical leadership skills in a situation where my inputs may not be welcome?

I work at a large software enterprise. Multiple orgs, multiple teams, huge hierarchy of managers and managers of managers. I am a fairly senior individual contributor with more than a decade of ...
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How to stay motivated when it feels that senior colleagues aren't?

I passed out of my college with a degree in computer science about 2 years back and since then I have worked in a multi-national firm which pays me decently well. I am sincerely interested in ...
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Software development shop doesn't have standard technology choices for web-development

The company I started working at about 6 months ago has no "standard" or "default" technologies for web application development. The company is fairly new to hiring developers, so ...
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As the new guy, how do I get people to act on all their big talk?

I'm "the new guy" at a small manufacturing company's IT department. We've a small team of 3 application devs + 1 database dev/dba-ish role. I've been here for a few months, so I'm hitting the point ...
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How can I advocate for a change that a very admired colleague opposes?

I'm a senior developer at a new job. One rock star programmer on my team is considered senior. He has worked on the project for years. His code has unhelpful or misleading names. It has methods and ...
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Giving critical information to a senior [duplicate]

I recently joined a project as the most junior member in the entire team. As usual, our project manager split up the work to be done and assigned the tasks to different team members for follow up. ...
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How to effectively challenge "this is how we always do it"

I have worked in a number of software companies, and all of which have their own idiosyncrasies, which is perfectly understandable. The problem is, that some of these are (objectively) not good ...
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How to approach a manager to give a suggestion for reorganizing meetings?

I have recently started my first job after grad school. The size of my team is around 20. My manager is great. I meet (as quick meetings) most of my teammates at least once in a day to discuss what is ...
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How to work with senior staff who are averse to new ideas? [closed]

My senior developers have around almost a decade of experience. They are open-minded to whatever THEY believe is good. They also lack interest in general problem solving and are not interested in ...
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How to introduce better software development practices/processes in the workplace? [duplicate]

I'm a developer in a small software team that works on fairly large software systems. There is a lot of room for improvement in our software development process. The software lead sees the need for it,...
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My ideas are ignored unless they are repeated by someone else

At two of the companies I've worked for so far, I've run into a strange issue with my boss. I come up with an idea to solve a problem, and it gets ignored, or at most gets barely any reaction. As soon ...
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How to make recommendations at a facility as an intern

I am an undergraduate student in my second year of study. During my final semester holiday, I have joined the water quality assessment division in my city to aid me in acquiring my undergraduate ...
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