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When to suggest improvements at new job

I've recently started a new job at an advertising agency, one month ago It seems like a good place to work, but they have some very dated ways of doing things when it comes to sharing project folders.....
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Resistance while trying to automate a company

My father owns a company. This company is a manufacturing company. After having completed my studies (Unrelated to the subject of the company), I joined in an effort to help the company do better. I ...
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As a prospective intern, how do I evaluate how easy it would be for me to improve a team's practices?

I've been offered a summer software development internship on a close-knit team of four people. It looks good, except for some very troubling development practices. These include: No version ...
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How can I fulfill my personal quality-demanding in a low-quality environment [closed]

Background: I am working as a junior java developer. My long term carreer goal is becoming a software architect. That said, I have a big demand on myself to deliver a high quality code. So here is ...
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As a new employee, what is the proper way to raise concerns that the IT department is being mismanaged at a risk to the company? [closed]

I have recently joined an IT department of a non-profit international organization (offices around the globe). The department is completely disorganized, no formal procedures, outdated applications (...
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Dealing with your ideas not being taken into account

I work as a software engineer in a firm that could be described as "an accounting firm that also develops software". In my day-to-day work, I notice there's some things that are done by hand,...
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