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How to overcome corporate inertia [duplicate]

The situation: I work on a small company in Brazil, that is not focused on development. I can’t really find a way to describe my position, but I work as a mix of infrastructure, network and database ...
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Am I overstepping? [duplicate]

I am junior in a large corporation. I have been raising issues with management about problems with our products that may eventually cause some severe problems down the line - nothing life threatening ...
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Dealing with your ideas not being taken into account

I work as a software engineer in a firm that could be described as "an accounting firm that also develops software". In my day-to-day work, I notice there's some things that are done by hand,...
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How to introduce better software development practices/processes in the workplace? [duplicate]

I'm a developer in a small software team that works on fairly large software systems. There is a lot of room for improvement in our software development process. The software lead sees the need for it,...
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How can a junior convince a senior developer to use object oriented concepts? [duplicate]

This topic relates to web development / software engineering; however the question can be related to other fields of expertise involving a more junior employee being more technically skilled than a ...
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My ideas are ignored unless they are repeated by someone else

At two of the companies I've worked for so far, I've run into a strange issue with my boss. I come up with an idea to solve a problem, and it gets ignored, or at most gets barely any reaction. As soon ...
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How can I fulfill my personal quality-demanding in a low-quality environment [closed]

Background: I am working as a junior java developer. My long term carreer goal is becoming a software architect. That said, I have a big demand on myself to deliver a high quality code. So here is ...
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As a new employee, what is the proper way to raise concerns that the IT department is being mismanaged at a risk to the company? [closed]

I have recently joined an IT department of a non-profit international organization (offices around the globe). The department is completely disorganized, no formal procedures, outdated applications (...
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How to tell bosses that they are not working systemically [duplicate]

I've been interning at a startup as a project manager for the last 2 months. Whenever I make a mistake and take a wrong step my boss will just randomly drop me message stating that I did not do ...
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New to a company and need a plan to introduce changes [duplicate]

I started a new role as a lead developer at a new company. They have been using an external agency for all development work and I need to ultimately take over the whole of IT and moving into a CTO ...
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How to tactfully and respectfully make a suggestion to my teammates and supervisor? [duplicate]

I work as a software developer on a small dev team of three people. One person is my co-worker/main developer, the other is my supervisor who is also a dev. I'm pretty new to the technology we are ...
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Difficult relationship with Opinionated Senior Colleagues [duplicate]

Note: This situation originates from a student team, rather than a workplace, but I think it is quite fair to be regarded in similar fashion to a workplace/company environment. We treat our work ...
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how do you create a design system culture in your team [duplicate]

Design systems are gaining a lot of popularity lately, especially with invisions design system manager coming up next month However setting up these tools are only half the battle according to even ...
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How to push for a real company culture? [duplicate]

I'm new in my company and I'm also the youngest (23 years old). The CEO is trying to hire more young graduates as software engineers, and has asked me how to attract them. I know that some friends of ...
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Software development for a beginner, selling to your boss [duplicate]

I work for a large multi-national on one of the largest projects ever undertaken. I am definitely not a software developer and I am sure most would laugh at my code. I have very limited experience ...
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