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Using [email protected] for professional communication

What image/impression does it convey if I use the admin email alias on my own domain? It is not a personal website but a product site and I run the server but I am also the founder of the company so I ...
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Does my employer care about my GitHub username?

If the username does not provide NSFW or offensive vibe, but is not a standard one like firstname.lastname or firstinitial.lastname, etc. does it annoy you as an employer? Examples of such usernames ...
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Applying for computer science internships, using email with .dev ending [duplicate]

Google Domains recently released the .dev domain extension and I was able to register (example). Would putting [email protected] on a resume be a bad idea or potentially too confusing? My fear ...
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Numbers in your email address [duplicate]

In case the name.lastname@ of an email is already taken, is it ok to add one or two numbers after your last name? Are people and employers going to notice such a thing? Is it still professional to ...
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Does repeating name in email address look unprofessional? [duplicate]

I have set up my own domain and kicking off freelance service in my field, I have been considering my email address and I am not sure how to make it professional. Because the domain name contains my ...
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Does a custom email with top-level domain ".fyi" seem unprofessional? [duplicate]

Some time ago I've invested in my personal custom domain. No desirable variations of my name were available with a .com top-level domain so I went for .fyi instead. I like it - in my optinion its ...
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What is the best professional email address for my own portfolio domain? [duplicate]

Ok I am a full-stack developer I do freelancer projects. I have a portfolio site and my domain has my own name ex: "". so what do you think a best professional email address would be. so ...
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What to do if i sent an e-mail with unprofessional name to a company that i applied to?

Recently I sent an e-mail that contains my resume to a company that I want to get my internship with. The problem is the e-mail name is not professional and goofy. Should I resend another e-mail using ...
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Does edu email or personal domain look better on a resume? [duplicate]

Does the HR prefer an edu email from a prestigious school or a personalized domain which demonstrated some degree of technical skill?
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using an alias adress for a job application [duplicate]

Some email providers allow you to 'tag' an email address by putting a + and something after it, and I often use this to sort my emails. If I were to put [email protected] instead of ...
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Is first name only better than full name in e-mail address? [closed]

I have a choice to use first names instead of first and last name in professional e-mail addresses, for example: [email protected] or [email protected] It would like to speed up communication ...
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Choosing professional name for mail address when the domain is "" [duplicate]

I am struggling to find the perfect form for my mail address when I have the domain => I currently have [email protected] and [email protected] but in my need to have ...
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Good practice to give email address for a job in format [firstname][currentyear] [duplicate]

Normally, I saw experts saying that your email should include your first and last name like in a format [firstname][lastname]@[], but my email address includes my first name and current year....
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Is it considered unprofessional to have a funky e-mail address? [duplicate]

I have an e-mail address that ends in 0609. I have heard that to look professional(during interviews,in your resume, CV etc), you need to have an e-mail address that sounds professional, like using ...
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Is my email for resume professional enough? [duplicate]

I'm going to apply to a job tomorrow, my email will be [email protected] since this is my main/work email that I use often. I think it's okay, but some of you may think it's a little immature/...

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