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Numbers in your email address [duplicate]

In case the name.lastname@ of an email is already taken, is it ok to add one or two numbers after your last name? Are people and employers going to notice such a thing? Is it still professional to ...
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Is an "iCloud" email address professional enough? [duplicate]

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What is the best professional email address for my own portfolio domain? [duplicate]

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Does name and dob combinations best suits for email addresses in professional world? (ex: [email protected])
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Some email providers allow you to 'tag' an email address by putting a + and something after it, and I often use this to sort my emails. If I were to put [email protected] instead of ...
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Good practice to give email address for a job in format [firstname][currentyear] [duplicate]

Normally, I saw experts saying that your email should include your first and last name like in a format [firstname][lastname]@[], but my email address includes my first name and current year....
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