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Is it alright to let everyone in the company know that I am the "go-to" person, and not my new senior colleague? [duplicate]

Is it fine to make myself visible in the company when, in fact, I have more experience and know-how than my new senior colleague? The reason I do this is that he was "appointed from above" and is ...
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Self promotion and its frequency [duplicate]

In a field like IT and software development, tips/help is always given and taken. Helping peers and juniors is expected from an employee in a decent senior position. I am one of such seniors who is ...
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How to get noticed at workplace? [duplicate]

I just started my new job a month ago. I work for a big company as a software developer. I work mostly with my team lead. According to him, I've been doing very well (he seems really nice to me). I ...
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Do I need to act happy all the time even if I'm not really?

I'm a software engineer from India. Recently, I suffered a personal loss which made me sad. I usually have my spirits up, but this time I just didn't feel like laughing at every stupid joke in the ...
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Do I need to be arrogant to get ahead? [closed]

A colleague of mine is very good at PR and branding himself and does this by communicating to the whole world his successes no matter how small they are. He does this in a very arrogant way, by making ...
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Bright Apprentice not being taken seriously

We had an apprentice join our team in late 2017, this is the first time an apprentice has been given a rotation in the Software Development Team so it's a new concept to everyone. For the purposes of ...
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What's wrong about being honest about your career plans? [duplicate]

Premise Until a few weeks ago, I worked for a software company as a software developer. Honestly, I tried to do my best every day. Not only I did what I was supposed to do, but I always tried to ...
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How do I deal with a very manipulative employee who doesn't do his work? [duplicate]

I am the supervisor of an IT department in a small but a high-paying company. I supervise 12 employees. There's one that I'm having troubles with lately, he is newly hired and is a great person. But ...
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Is there a way to NOT participate in office politics and still be successful?

The question pretty much speaks for itself. I am a hard worker, very productive, and usually the one everyone turns to when they have a problem. However, I work in a privately owned company, and ...
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How can I effectively and appropriately communicate to management that I have a skill set needed for an upcoming project?

Several times in my career, I've encountered situations where the business has a technical problem, and I have the previous experience and skills necessary to resolve the issue. Instead of being ...
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Is being an extrovert a necessary condition to be a manager?

I’ve been a first time manager for some time now. I’ve received feedback from my bosses that I’m too reserved and introverted to be in a leadership position. I need to add here that I’m very ...
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How to deal with a team lead who never gives me credit? [duplicate]

I am working as a software developer in a company for about one year. I have a team lead who is always bragging about himself, never or seldom gives credit to other people or values their work or ...
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Should my manager be aware of private LinkedIn approaches I receive? How to politely have this happen?

Like most of us, I have a personal LinkedIn profile, which I keep as updated as feasible. Sometimes managers send me a message asking for my resume. Now, since I am already employed and busy on a ...
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How to take ownership to solve an issue when managers focus on pinpointing person to blame and punish?

When any kind of failure happens at my company, the first question everyone in the hierarchy asks is "Whose fault was it?" I remember once overhearing a conversation where someone replied "It's no one'...
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What are the circumstances when "ignoring company politics" is actually good advice?

As they say, "politics is the exercise of power", and "power is the ability to make things happen in an organisation". I am working on a project which has some overlap and is partially in competition ...
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