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Why is it not a good idea to "badmouth" a previous employer?

My life is miserable at the company I work for. I'm in the tech industry in an organization with one of the best companies in the world, yet the workplace I'm in is completely toxic. People seriously ...
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Interview question: Why did you leave your previous role? [duplicate]

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How do I explain having to leave my last job because employer was asking me to do something illegal? [duplicate]

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Left toxic job without new job lined up, what reason should i give future employers? [duplicate]

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How to explain quitting first job early [duplicate]

This is for my friend. Right after university she couldn't find a job for 6 months. Eventually she got a job at a company X as a developer. It started out wonderfully(even though the salary was way ...
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How to explain to interviewer why I left my job due to bullying/bad work environment? [duplicate]

I worked at this company for 6 months, about 3 months into my job, I started getting made fun of and laughed at from roughly, 5-7 people. This behavior continued pretty much everyday, up until I quit/...
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How to answer to a potential employer about the reason for leaving [duplicate]

I left my work due to the toxic environment and pay was less than my last job. When I started my job I was told by the outsourced recruiter that in due time 3-6 months I will get a price match of my ...
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How should I explain that I'm looking for a job because my employer may be shutting down?

I'm working for a company "A" that was recently acquired by a larger company "B". There are some rumors that company "B" will shut us down and most employees will have to find somewhere else to work. ...
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How to justify job change without being rude?

I'm working for 1.5 years as a software developer in a medium-sized company in Germany. We develop software for ourselves (in-house). Unfortunately, I'm not happy with some things. No clean software ...
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Seeking suggestions how to explain why seeking new work without criticizing current employer

I know seeking a new challenge or the job is not challenging enough. Real reasons for leaving I can't tell to any interviewer, sigh. It's really been a situation where it's challenging to do enough to ...
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How to explain a 2 month job

I left a job after 2 month and i have it in my resume. my reason was because some teammates did not seem to want to work. i had some litirally apply makeup while on duty. Its a front desk job at a ...
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