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I spent a few years doing systems administration tasks for a small company who's best idea of what to call me was an "IT Specialist". I had no official job title or contract, nor was I hired in ...
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I had a job out of college where the generic title of the job was 'technologist'. However in my job I mainly programmed. It wasn't really on a software project but for the entirety of my job I was ...
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Job title Does Not Match Job Activities [duplicate]

My job title at my current place of work is 'Robot Programmer', but the work I do is much closer to 'Software Developer'. In my industry (automotive), a robot programmer is someone with a specialized ...
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Job title conversion on resume [duplicate]

Job titles have changed three times over the course of my employment. The last title, Programmer Analyst IV, was supposed to be an "industry standard" and while there are other companies that use that ...
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Do unrelated designations make any difference while looking for a new job? [duplicate]

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Title on Resume [duplicate]

My title was changed to a lesser position, but I still perform the same duties. How do I handle this on my resume and at an interview?
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With my most recent job, I been hired as Senior Electrical Engineer - either due to mistake of an employer or some contract related issues (as I been told). However, for last 2 years, I have been ...
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I'm being treated for depression and I'm "cursed" with honesty. The titles I held with former employers and my specific job roles I held don't match what I want to change to. In many of the roles I'...
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