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How much do job titles matter to potential employers?

I'm deciding on whether to take a job I was recently offered. I'm going from an engineering title to a representative title. I like the company, pay seems good and I liked the people there. In the ...
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What is my job role title? [closed]

Long story short, I am an IT professional that comes from a web development background. I have recently undertaken a new position as a front end web developer (contract) with a small start up. Upon ...
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What can I do to change an inaccurate, currently held job title?

I was given the title of "IT Technician" for my first job. The funny thing is: I have no clue how to be an IT person. I am a programmer. I made a program for our company's archive. Now I'm going ...
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How do I word my current internship position on my CV? [closed]

I got a summer internship at a reputable company. I was initially accepted as a software development intern but as of now (a month has passed) I have not worked with any actual code, I have simply ...
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How do I describe a role where I study different software solutions in my CV?

As an intern, my current role is to study different stream processing frameworks, in order to integrate them later (by me) into a platform created by the company. By studying a framework, I mean ...
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What is a programming/marketing position called? [closed]

I have been programming for 15+ years - and at the same time I have also worked with SEO and online marketing for 10+ years + run a big website in my freetime for a few years. Being able to do both ...
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How do you determine your job title in a company without formal titles? [duplicate]

I saw a similar question to this from someone about how to determine their job title, and I felt that my question was different enough to be justified. So here it is: I have worked as a developer for ...
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How to clearly distinguish people and strategic management from account management roles on CV?

I have about two years people and strategic management experience in my specific functional area (bizdev/account management for IT services) plus other years of junior management roles in previous ...
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New Job -- Help Defining Title? [duplicate]

I have recently been hired at a retain search firm that is a startup, and the proposed title at the initial interview was "office manager." This feels like a huge step backward for me, and it also ...
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