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It's not my job to answer the phone [duplicate]

I happen to sit near the secretary who handles the company phone. The secretary doesn't always come to work at my office as she alternates working between multiple offices. Hence, whenever she's not ...
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How do I decline responsibilities that go beyond what's stated in my job description?

In the 3 years that I have worked at this company, my job responsibilities have grown, but I am not getting compensated for them financially. Company policy states that my official job description ...
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Is it okay to tell my team lead I am not interested in doing an administrative task? [duplicate]

Today I received a mail from the senior lead of my team asking whether I can take up an administrative task which was previously done by another colleague. (UPDATE: Initially this mail was routed as:...
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How do you handle a task that is not really meant for your position? [duplicate]

Okay, so I work as a Tech Support for my company doing usual support stuff for end users. My boss and I were actually close since I worked as an intern here before and later got absorbed. He knows ...
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Pushing back against housekeeping tasks as a receptionist [duplicate]

I work as a service coordinator/receptionist for a serviced office. We recently got rid of our day cleaner, and since then my job has been a nightmare. We are now required to do housekeeping jobs on ...
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How to avoid people throwing random unrelated work at you? [duplicate]

How to politely refuse a request which does not fall under my role or responsibilities and are simply thrown upon me with a tag of "professional development" by a colleague. Or At least make fellow ...
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Working outside your job descirption [duplicate]

I was hired to be a secretary 3 years ago however, I possess Financial experience. Even though I was hired as an Secretary, I was brought in and was set up to do financial tasks with half of an ...
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how to deny additional responsibilities professionally [duplicate]

Though am already fed up with many workloads, I'm forced to take up other responsibilities which may take no where professionally. Am thinking to take this issue to CEO but in a polite way. Request ...
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How to stay friendly when turning down requests your boss asked you not to escalate? [duplicate]

A common advice when receiving conflicting requests that compete for the same time and resources is to escalate the requests to the manager. But what if the manager explicitly asks you not to do so ...
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Why is it important to gain "visibility" in the workplace?

My boss has recently been pushing me to take up stuff and try to gain visibility across the organization. I just do not understand the idea behind this. Why is it important to gain visibility? If I ...
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How do you tell a business user politely that the work she's requesting has to come through my boss?

I have a customer that has been going through me to request work. All requests need to go through my manager before we can address them. I have already sent her 3 mails stating this. The last 2 ...
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Should a Chief Technology Officer be making a Business Document or a Requirement Document?

I am the CTO at a mid sized startup. Still a guy in my late 20s exploring this new role that I have gotten upon my shoulders. Currently we don't have a tech team, I handle the work outsourced to the ...
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Can commission-based employees be made to do work they are not paid for? [closed]

I am a pet groomer paid by commission only. My employer want me to start arriving at the clinic 30 minutes before we open. I have nothing to do during that time, and so I sit there for free. I don't ...
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Not feeling respected in the workplace and that a double-standard is being applied [closed]

A colleague and I have been discussing this recently, so I'm asking to get 3rd party advice more than I personally could get. She has been recently promoted to supervisor going from a senior analyst ...
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How can I ask my team lead not to assign me large amounts of work that falls outside my job description?

I'm a software developer on a team of five people. This team has a lead, a web developer, a back-end developer, and two mobile developers. This team structure is relatively new, and we are currently ...
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