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I completed my degree in 2004, after which I did not search for any job. Later in 2010, I got a job and now I have 4 years experience in the software field. My question: For 6 years (2004-2010) I did ...
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Is it better to admit that I failed part of my degree, than to have a 8 month gap in my CV? [duplicate]

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How to explain degree with gap in CV? [duplicate]

Long story short: Started degree A and dropped out after earning about half the credits for graduating Started another degree B and finished it, getting also a PhD after it Managed to finish degree A ...
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Dropped out from my first year college and then took admission next year in bsc it. Now in last year what should I explain to the recruiters? [duplicate]

After my 12th I took admission for BSC course. I passed the first semester but I got failed in 2 subjects and didn't gave one exam because I was never interested in the stream. Then in the next year I ...
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I have a work gap after my degree how should I approach finding a job? [duplicate]

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Student Internships: Should I explain why I am taking so long to finish school in cover letter? [duplicate]

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Education Gap With Work Experience [duplicate]

I have a confusion that actually my B.E Computer science Batch 2008-2012. but, since I backlog on one paper I did not complete my graduation on 2012 and joined in a small IT Firm. I completed my ...
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remedy for academic gap year in interview [duplicate]

I've a year gap in my class 12, my results were bad in test so I decided to sit and prepare for another year, and after passing my +2 I took admission in a college and after 1 year I left that college ...
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Gap Year on CV/Resume and Job Advice [duplicate]

My Situation Web Dev, University Student. -- currently not enrolled for the second year of my course until I pass an exam which I'm retaking in May. Not entirely sure If i'm going to but I've got ...
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What positive reason can I give for the one year break in my academic life [closed]

I'm filling an online form for background verification from my new company after getting the offer letter. I have done my engineering for 5years (4years course + 1 year gap). I had a year gap between ...
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How to explain long time to finish college

It took me 7 years instead of the 4 to get bachelor's. I have no excuse other than I slacked off and skipped class/played video games. How to explain if an interviewer asks me why it took me so long?
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How to explain a study change in your CV?

I started a master program in IT one year ago, which was supposed to end in 2014. Realizing that it was not really heading anywhere, I recently switched to another one in the same general field (...
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