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Why is it important to find a new job before resigning? [duplicate]

This question is about jobs in general, but can be seen as being more specifically about "technical" jobs such as programmers and web designers. In the field of technology, people regularly take time ...
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Should I resign before applying to my next job so I have the reference? [duplicate]

I am about to begin applying for a new job. My only employment in the software industry is the several years I've spent with my current employer. I hear often on here that you should have the next job ...
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Should I quit my current job to take some time to prepare for the next interview? [duplicate]

I am a senior developer in the Java domain. I want to quit my current job and find a new one in the next 2 months or so. The problem: I feel like I've been out of touch with some of the latest ...
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Need to withdraw an application unless their HR changes their rules - how to do so?

I'm 3 months into the interview process for a pretty prestigious research lab. It'd be a great gig. The hiring manager has told me that my peer references were great and I'm by far the most qualified ...
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Is it really that bad to leave my job as a software engineer before I have an offer? [duplicate]

I'm a software engineer deciding to leave my first job out of college after 3 years. I've been taking phone calls and interviewing but I've reached 2 bottle necks. One is that I don't have the time ...
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Why is quitting without having a new job lined up seen so negatively by employers?

I'm a programmer and I'm trying to understand why quitting without having a job matters so much. For me cash flow is not an issue - I have more than enough to live off of for 5+ years and in any ...
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Started new job and don't like it

5 months ago I left a job of 4 years to work at a big insurance corporation doing computer programming. Now that I am where I always wanted to be, I realized only after a few months that I do not like ...
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How should I deal with bullying while looking for a new job?

I'm working as a (female) IT technician in a worldwide company (located in Central Europe, Austria). I've been here 1.5 years. I'm turning 21 this month, so it's my first job. The basic work is okay, ...
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Is the right move to stay and search or leave and search (considering my level of experience) at this failing workplace? [closed]

My current developer role is the first corporate developer role I have ever landed (I was previously in another career, but left that career due to safety concerns then taught myself programming and ...
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Is it considered acceptable to take vacation time for job searching?

I'm currently changing my job. In order to focus on my job search, I've found it helpful to take an entire day of the week. In general, I find it hard to focus on my job search during the weekend. I'...
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How much of a difference does being employed vs. not make in the eyes of potential employers when looking for a new postion?

It is commonly repeated that employers prefer candidates who are currently employed elsewhere. I decided to change jobs and may want to resign from my current position soon. I may not find a new job ...
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Early 20's and considering quitting my first IT job

Little background. I'm in my early 20's, my previous work experience is minimal. I worked in fast food for under a year, then I worked at an electronic repair facility for 6 months before being fired (...
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Why is it such a terrible idea to resign even if your current job is making you feel suicidal? [closed]

I'm a female Software Developer, working as a provider, sitting in the client's offices, in Germany. Due to constant misogynistic attitudes(1), sexual harassment(2), and being treated as if I was a ...
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What is the rationale for 'Don't quit your job until you have a new one'? [duplicate]

'Don't quit your job until you have a new one' is common career advice, but is this actually good advice? What is the rationale for it? Is there any evidence that people who quit their job before ...
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How to resign after just retracting your resignation?

I've been working for 5 years now for an IT firm and I resigned. When my last few days were approaching, I retracted my resignation because I haven't found another job to move to yet, and they gladly ...
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How to pull off the best exit strategy?

I have recently decided to leave my 15 year employment at a small business in the UK. However, I am currently on a course which does not finish up till December and having invested the time in earlier ...
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Does it ever make sense to leave a job without another one lined up? [closed]

I have been under a lot of stress at my job - hundreds of hours of overtime in the past year, vacation and sick time tacitly discouraged. It's not that I can't take a day or a few hours of time off, ...
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Employer updated contract with an increased notice period [duplicate]

I have been working at the company for 2 years now. I am an office supervisor and on a 1 month notice. Now the company is changing the employees contracts and increasing the notice period from 1 ...
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Handing in notice - do I need to tell my boss where I am going?

Is there any obligation for me to tell my boss which company I am going to when I hand in my notice? I know that when the new company contacts HR for a reference they will know who is calling, but do ...
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Weighing pros and cons of quitting against other life circumstances [closed]

I know that it is debated whether quitting a current job before you have a new job offer is a good idea (conventional wisdom suggests that it's not). But in my circumstance, things at my current job ...
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Searching for new job with out of date resume

I’ve worked for my current employer for about 12 months. The role offers the opportunity apply skills I’ve been working on growing for the past few years. But my values and the company’s values don’t ...
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Unhappy at work, should I hand in my resignation? [closed]

I am in the process of moving jobs, where I have a conditional offer subject to background checks, where one of the main reasons why I have decided to leave is from not being valued at work. Without ...
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How can I manage an out of area job search when I am unable to take time off from my current job?

Background: Right now, I am living in a territory of the US (I am an US citizen), and I am in the process of relocating to one of the continental US states (probably Florida or Texas). I want to ...
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Is International Vacation During an Interview Process Detrimental?

I am in what I feel to be a unique situation: My company is being shut down by our parent company at the end of the calendar year. Basically I have until now (11/14/2017) until 12/31/2017 to find ...
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Resigning from a job within months of starting [duplicate]

I have 4+ years of experience in the software industry. At my first job, I stayed for around 3.1 years I left my second job within a year (i.e in 9 months.) I left because I was not happy with the ...
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Should I quit my job whilst looking to a new one? [closed]

My current work that I am working has been aqcuisitioned by another company. Suddenly I feel that the company has been invaded and I will have to follow a new process. I mean I feel like that I work ...
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Approved for internal transfer while interviewing externally

I'm unhappy with my current position so I applied for an internal transfer as well as some external opportunities. I've been approved for the internal transfer but haven't completed my on-site ...
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Is it a good idea to ask for a company to lay you off [closed]

Heres the situation, Im in a small early stage startup and the role that I was hired for is turning out to be much different than what I had imagined, so this is a strong point of contention for me ...
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How bad is my situation for job searching? [duplicate]

I'm wondering how bad it'd be if I quit my current job and go searching for a new one. ... What would happen if I quit my job and go job searching? I have no side projects or github page and I'm ...
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Will a one year around the world trip lower my chances of getting a good job? [closed]

I will get my PhD in software engineering somewhen next year. After that, I plan to leave academia and work as a developer in a small to medium-sized company. Before that, I plan to travel around the ...
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