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How bad does it look to consistently quit a job after a year [duplicate]

Quick background, I am a software developer with around 5 years of professional experience. I was updating my resume today and I realized the longest I've ever stayed at a single company was 1 year ...
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How can I find out how frequently I can change my job without being seen as a job hopper? [duplicate]

I understand nobody can tell me how long I can stay in a job not to be seen as a job hopper since it depends on the culture of the country I reside in, on my industry and my personal history. I don't ...
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How frequent is too frequent? Work change [duplicate]

Short info - I'm an IT professional, worked in 7 companies so far, between 1 to 1.5 year each, all finished on good, friendly terms. Recently I started my first senior position, however I resigned ...
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At what point do employers frown upon someone changing companies too often? [duplicate]

I know someone who has a bad habit of getting frustrated working for a company after about a year. She's never had any issues finding a different company/new job in the 5 years/5 jobs that I've known ...
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Am I changing jobs too quickly? [duplicate]

Here is my job history (Software Development): A: 5 months B: ~3 years C: 11 months D: 1 year 4 months (current) I also have gaps on my resume (2 X 6month breaks) between AB and CD. I'm ...
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Would it look unprofessional to leave a job too soon? [duplicate]

After several years freelancing as a designer, I took on a job at a local internet marketing company... it's nothing special, but I couldn't be picky at the time as I was on the brink of running out ...
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After being recruited, when can you change jobs? [duplicate]

In terms of etiquette, how long after being recruited to a position, should one wait before seeking to transfer to a new department or leave the company entirely? To clarify my question: In general, ...
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Is it ok to jump from job to job until I find one that I really like?

I am a picky person. I have a stable financial situation. I am not married. I don't need too much to live (cheap lifestyle). My problem is: it is hard to find a job that I really like that fits my ...
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How can I improve a resume to avoid looking like a job-hopper?

I feel like my resume is cursing me. In the last five years I have held just as many jobs. For the first of those five years, I had two jobs lasting a few months each. The next job lasted me two years ...
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Leaving first career job before acquiring two years experience

After graduating from university in the UK, I have heard multiple careers advisors say that it is inadvisable to leave your first career role before you have gained at least two years experience. ...
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I'm six months into a new job and am very unhappy. Is it too soon to start looking for another job?

Background I worked at Company X for about 5 years and left to work at Company Y in the middle of 2021. For the first 4.5 years of working at Company X, it was amazing -- a total dream job working ...
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Should I keep a job on my LinkedIn profile if I left on good terms after three months?

3 months ago, I quit my job as a BA in my previous company, because the salary was not so good and there was some lack of leadership and opportunity for personal growth. I started working as a PO in ...
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How long should you be at company before leaving?

So my first real professional job lasted about a year. It was a decent job with good pay but didn't have much development involvement. I then left to take a developer job that turned out to be a ...
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Does Age excuse "Job Hopping"?

I would like to follow up on this question Granted, it is ill advised to switch from company to company at such short time intervals (in fact, perhaps you shouldn't do it at all regardless of any ...
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Importance of employment duration when applying for a new job

I started an apprenticeship with a startup in 2014, but the startup went bankrupt. So I switched to a web agency where i finished the apprenticeship earlier this year and am now employed at as a ...
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