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How active should I be on the job market if I like my current job?

I'm a full time Software Developer. I've been at my current job for around a year, I pretty much like it and I'm well paid. However, I understand that this is not my dream job, and additionally I'm ...
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Is it bad to interview even if you may not be interested in leaving your company? [duplicate]

Recently I've been contacted by many recruiters about job openings. As of right now I am not actively looking for a new job (I'm happy with my current one) but I am interested in what other ...
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Is it a good idea to take part in a transfer interview if I have no intention of accepting the job?

I've been offered an interview for a department transfer within my organization - basically to the exact same position, but working for another group on another project. I'm happy with my current ...
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What do I risk by participating in a recruitment process for a position I'm probably not interested in [duplicate]

I've applied for position A at a big company. They replied that they would see me in position B (the same level, a different focus) and asked whether I'm interested. I'm not convinced I'm interested ...
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Should I tell the company voluntary that I wouldn't attend to interview if I had offer already? [duplicate]

Suppose I have an offer in company A and company B asked me to interview before. Should I call company B voluntary that I wouldn't come to interview? Is it non ethical that doesn't attending to ...
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Will taking an interview if I'm not currently interested in the position hurt me in the future?

A well-known, large software company has recently opened a development office in my hometown. I really like the company, and if I wanted to work for a large software company - this one would be my top ...
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how to say something during an interview that you should never say? [closed]

Ive been approached by my old team to become a supervisor my current manager was the one to announce me that they are interested in interviewing me and wanted to see if I was interested. I want to go ...
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Should You Apply for a Position if You Might Not Take It? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should one go to interview for a job he doesn't intend to accept if offered? If there's a position that you're interested in, but you know there's a good chance their ...
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Entertaining job offers while being in a good job [closed]

I used to have a startup which we had to shutdown 5 months ago. I joined a good company after that as their software lead. Everything related to this job including the work, the team, seniors, the CEO,...
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Doing an interview after having already signed a contract

After more than one month of interviews, I accepted a job offer and I signed a contract for a new job which is gonna start from the first of May. After I signed the contract, a big company, which ...
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Is it ok to take a Skype Interview as "just experience"? [duplicate]

I had a Skype interview scheduled after I applied for an internship offer. However in the meantime, I received an internship offer, one of a kind I cannot refuse, and I wasn't much into the first ...
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Having employer confirm position before accepting- ethical?

I wonder what the practice is these days: after a job interview is the person who is looking for a job expected to confirm to the position ("I would like to be part of your team") and then the ...
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Should I go for an interview even if I will probably not take the job? [duplicate]

I work in tech and like many others, I get daily recruiting emails/invites from LinkedIn. I am 90% happy at my current job. (The missing 10% is because management in my team is really stingy when it ...
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Is it a bad idea to attend an interview for a job you don't plan to take? [duplicate]

There's a job that I've been referred to, that's quite similar to my current role. I'm interested to find out more about the job, and to scope out how valuable I am with my current skill set. ...
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Should I attend a job interview with the intention of declining? [duplicate]

I have been offered an interview (I did not apply for) for an entry level position at Company B. My current job has many benefits. Free education, good salary, slightly shorter working hours and I ...
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