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How do I word my resignation? [duplicate]

My current supervisor happens to be the owner of the company and, although this person's position and education are nowhere near what we do as a department, this person is still considered our ...
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How honest to be in a resignation [duplicate]

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New manager is a jerk - is it OK to quit without providing a reason?

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Should letter of resignation be honest or formal?

Should I be honest and write about why I know it is time to part ways in the resignation letter. If I do that, how long should the resignation letter be, for it not to be too long? Should I write ...
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Citing pay as a reason to move on from a company

Let us say you've applied to a job, and the employer calls back with a phone interview. When employers ask you about why you're moving on from your current company, is it considered bad to reply "I'm ...
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I resigned because of my Team Lead. Should I let my manager know before I leave? [duplicate]

My Question When I gave my two weeks' notice, I gave my manager secondary, much smaller reasons, for resigning. I didn't want to bring up the Lead in order to avoid an awkward final two weeks. However,...
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What is a good way to get honest feedback from leaving employees?

When an employee resigns, it is really difficult to get honest feedback. This usually includes manager, HR and team members, excluding those who have good personal relationship with leaving employee (...
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Just quit my job, should I express my concerns about supervisor

I work in a software development company for almost two years now, and I'm planning on quitting soon. The reason is that I cannot stand my supervisor (let's call him John). TL,DR: Should I tell my ...
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How can I tell the head of company that my boss is incompetent?

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Leaving because of a coworker - professional way to explain (or not) reasons?

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Should I fight a new manager or resign? [closed]

At my current workplace I have a new manager who is keen to micromanage, bully and undermine me. They set me so much work I have to leave work everyday at past midnight. Despite the fact I was ...
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