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How long should I wait before sending a thank you email? [duplicate]

Should I send a thank you email immediately, or perhaps wait a day or more? Does it make a difference if its a phone interview or an in person interview? If you wait too long, then it is likely to ...
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Thank You email after interview? [duplicate]

My interview went well and I'd like to send a Thank You email. He said they'd let me know by next week. It is Friday so should I send a thank you email right now, before their decision next week? I'...
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Sending "thank you" letter to the hiring manager [duplicate]

I applied to a position and I was scheduled to conduct a phone interview with two individuals - the manager and someone who works for the manager. But when I received the call, the individual who ...
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Can I ask "Is there anything that I can do to increase my chance of getting the job?"?

Is it good idea to ask the following question in a job interview? is there anything that I can do to increase my chance of getting the job? One time he told me "The test task is very important for ...
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How should I respond to the interviewer's question "How was the interview?" you get asked some days later after the job interview on the phone?

Typically, some days after a job interview, the HR person calls you and asks for your opinion on the interview. What are good responding phrases to this? Which aspects should be considered in my ...
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Send “thank you” email after phone interview?

I just had a technical interview over the phone with a manager for a programming job I'm applying to. The company deals heavily with open source, and the phone interview was friendly and rather ...
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Is sending thank you note going to make or break you?

I just finished an interview with 8 people. It was a day long interview. I am not sure if sending a thank you note would increase my chances of being hired. Also, is it usually a voting process? Or ...
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Should I send a thank you letter if I don't know the name of one of the interviewers?

I had a phone interview about an hour and a half ago with a recruiter for a Summer internship and the person who would be my boss if I were to get the job. The recruiter was the one who contacted me, ...
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Who should I send my thank you letter to?

I just interviewed with a company in person, and I know I need to send a thank you email. At the interview, I met with about 8 people. These people included a person from HR, the director of the ...
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Should I send thank you emails to interviewers without asking for their email addresses?

I know how to find and validate email addresses (usually it's as simple as [email protected]). During interviews, I usually have previous email contact with the "primary" interviewer, but ...
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Haven't heard back from the recruiter after Skype interview. What's a good way to word my enquiry? [duplicate]

I had a Skype interview on a Friday(last week) and the interview was for a job abroad. The interview went fine fortunately I could answer most questions correctly. In the end I discussed how the ...
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Is it OK to send a thank you email to only one interview panel member?

I had an interview this morning with a panel of 5. One of the members of the panel, I'll call Bob, is the would-be superior for the position, and gave me a tour after the interview. With this, I ...
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Letter of thanks for an office invite by a potential employer

I have been invited to spend a day at a workplace after almost 7 grueling rounds of interviews, with an invite as this being the last phase to wrap up their decision. I am looking to draft a thank you ...
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When to send a thank you for the interview?

I am in the initial stages of being considered for a position at a different company, where I was encouraged to apply by a friend (Who would also be my supervisor in the new position). The first part ...
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After an all-day interview does one send a follow-up/thank you note to every interviewer? [duplicate]

These answers suggest sending a thank-you note to an interviewer is a good idea: (1) Should a thank you letter be sent after an interview? (2) Send “thank you” email after phone interview? I ...
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