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Discrimination - ADA reasonable accommodation [closed]

I have a position as Business Analyst. I suffer from chronic depression, which has been clearly communicated with medical certification to my manager and HR. I requested that I be allowed to work ...
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Best way to convince boss remote working is the way to go? [duplicate]

I'm a programmer and I work in an office. I work in an office that outsources most programming work to asia. I don't really know why but I've been told that the boss doesn't want me to work remotely. ...
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I am going to propose Work From Home to our Managing Director. How can I enhance my proposal? [duplicate]

We (team members from different teams) have been given the opportunity to propose ideas to improve our workplace. Our MD, is aware that we are going to propose Work From Home (WFH), and he is awaiting ...
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How can an intern politely ask for permission to work from home?

Im a intern at a smalll coding company for about 5 months now and Im doing pretty good working there, but Im taking about 3 hours to get there and home (about 1:30h per trip). Since all the ...
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What to do when most work can be automated, and no-one can give me more work? [duplicate]

Around 2 years ago I started a role that had previously been done by the same employee for 10 years. The company was sad to see the employee retire, but happy he could pass his knowledge to me, as the ...
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Requesting the ability to work from home [duplicate]

A bit of background info... I moved to a new town along with my partner around 8 months ago to start work at a software house. The job has been great so far, but I think moving was a mistake as the ...
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How do I send out feelers about telecommuting?

I'm working in the United States for a small company. It is not unlikely that, several months from now, it will be beneficial for me, for family reasons, to move to another city. I wish to broach the ...
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How could I ask my future employer if I can work remotely?

I accepted a job back in October as a software developer for a company I've interned for twice. I have a great relationship with the company, and they were eager to hire me on after the summer's work. ...
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Requesting switch from on-site to remote [duplicate]

I've been with my current company for about 7 months as a full stack developer. I'm planning to discuss the option of moving from on-site to remote work in the beginning of September as I'm trying to ...
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how do I tell my boss I'd like to work from home on a regular basis? [duplicate]

I am unsure how to ask that because I am the most junior employee, and as far as I know no one else in the company works from home. If they accepted I would feel like I am getting special treatment, ...
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How to convert to a work-from-home position

I've been at my current employer for just about 2 weeks shy of 1 year. At first, I was in the office 5 days per week but as winter rolled around many of us started working from home with the bad ...
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Telecommuting: how should I ask to successfully achieve it? [duplicate]

I've been working on a company for half a year, as a web developer but also offering consultancy in Android to my colleagues (about 1-2 hours per full-time working day). However, I'm planning to move ...
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Convincing my manager to let me work from home [duplicate]

My manager wants to hire me for a full-time position in a big IT company. My job is mostly programming / fixing bugs / developing features.. software engineering to cut to the cheese. During the last ...
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