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Is it a good idea to share your salary with your coworkers? [duplicate]

Is it a good idea to share your salary with your coworkers? The intent being to support each other with salary negotiation? Or will it always backfire. Please cite real-world examples.
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Why is it bad to compare salaries among peers [duplicate]

I have read on several occasions that it's bad to compare your salary to your peers. I feel that this is often said to those with a below-average pay grade to prevent them from feeling bad about ...
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Why are salaries typically not public knowledge? [duplicate]

I might be the first person in history to ask this, but... Why are salaries typically forbidden to talk about, forbidden to disclose? In most companies there is a staggering lack of transparency ...
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Is compensation something to be discussed openly? [duplicate]

Do companies, as a general rule, make information available to employees about what each job position pays? I always thought that revealing such info can motivate people, but what is the standard ...
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Why is discussing pay such a taboo? How can I get people to talk about concrete figures?

I recently changed contracts from educational to full-time at my company and colleague from accounting asked me if I had negotiated my pay yet. I said yes and was about to tell him, when he ...
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Should I encourage my coworkers to share their salaries with each other?

Objectively speaking, the only party that would not benefit from everyone knowing what everybody else earns (specially people in similar positions) is the employer. Yet, there's a stigma about it. ...
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Managing a team that openly discusses compensations , performance ratings and pay (rise)

I recently started to manage an already existing small team of 20 members. After the performance review, I slowly came to realize that the whole team discusses everything about pay and compensations. ...
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Unequal vacation time

My US company recently acquired a division of a UK company. All of the UK employees were brought to work in the US office. The company paid in part or full for their relocation expense, depending on ...
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How common is it that salaries are made public? [closed]

In this answer is was treated as unusual that salaries are kept private in the company in question. Frankly, I'd never actually heard of a company making it's salaries public, beyond non-profit ...
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Why don't companies encourage employees to post their salaries to Glassdoor? [closed]

Assuming a company is paying well or above average for the market, I'd expect that they'd want to capitalize on that when hiring. People are more likely to apply and it's free PR. Yet I've never heard ...
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Are secret money awards normal or should I reach to manager and tell about recognition?

I got an award for excellence - money credited to my account. There was no announcement regarding the award, I felt the recognition is taken out of Award. I wonder what is the purpose of secret ...
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How can I gain insight about management assessment of performance improvement as applies to raises?

I started this job at the start of the year. Half way through the year I was put on performance management. I feel that the PM was the wrong call. While I passed the PM satisfactorily, because it ...
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