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Relieving letter [duplicate]

I worked for an IT company for 2 years and was very loyal in 2014. During my tenure at the company, the CEO did not prove my incentives. I thought this was the first time and I let it go. But the ...
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Issue regarding the release letter from my last company [duplicate]

I joined company A in Feb 2013 and resigned from there in May 2014. At that time I received all the necessary documents. Two months later, the 21st July 2014 I once again joined company A but after a ...
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how do I get my relieving letter in this situation? [duplicate]

I quit my job in the month of march (unofficially) due to personal reasons and I was ready to serve my notice period but my manager told me that if I quit at that particular time the attrition rate ...
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What is a relieving letter? What are the consequences of not having one?

There have been a few questions about relieving letters here and based on the context of those question the idea of being required to have relieving letter seems quite foreign to many of us that are ...
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Preventing abuse in countries where relieving letters are the norm

After reading this question about relieving letters, which seem to be common in India and other Asian countries, I started wondering how this system prevents abuse of the employee by unscrupulous ...
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How can I request employer to release for necessary documents on the last working day

I have resigned from my current company last month. I spoke with my HR yesterday, asked him that, "What documents would I get on the last working day?" He told, we'll send an exit mail which has all ...
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Not getting the relieving letter. Need it urgently [duplicate]

I am facing a difficult situation. I worked in a company for above a year. In July, last year, I resigned from the company to pursue my higher education plans. Due to my highly hectic schedule and ...
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Real experience with faked relieving letters

I'm from India. I'm 35 and I have 13 years of work experience. My first job was with one of the Indian companies. I worked there for 2 years. I did not resign and literally stopped going to work ...
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Can I get the relieving letter from a previous employer, two years after resigning?

I worked for my previous employer (Company X) for 8 months. I served the notice period and was given a provisional relieving letter at the end. My current employer (Company Y) was ok with the ...
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What do if new employer wants the relieving letter at the time of joining, but previous employer will provide it later? [duplicate]

My previous employer did not provide me the relieving letter on the last working day. The HR says they will give me the relieving letter and experience letter after 45 days. My new employer says ...
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Can I join without release letter as I was sick to serve notice period?

I resigned from my job recently after working for 3 years, prior to that I worked for nearly 3 years but in that span I worked for 4 companies. In this company I had to resign due to my bad health ...
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How likely is it that my unfortunate incident will be revealed when I request a reference from my former employer?

Background: I have an unpleasant history with my previous employer, especially with the HR which led them to not giving me any relieving letters but a letter of termination an year back. I have ...
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