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How do I answer interview questions about overcoming difficulties? [duplicate]

When you are asked "what is the most difficult project? and how did you overcome the difficulties", what is the expected answer for this?
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How are tough introspective or behavioural type interview questions assessed? [duplicate]

An example of a tough introspective question must be the classic "what's your greatest weakness?". Behavioural style questions can also be tough to answer: "tell me about the worst coworker you've ...
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Interview question - how you measure success and efficiency in what you do? [duplicate]

Job revolving around programming, community outreach, developer evangelism - getting more people to use the platform.
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Dealing with provocative questions in interview from higher management third level above oneself [duplicate]

How to prepare for provocative less formal but allowed and unexpected questions? Like, they establish a positive warm bond and feeling and then try to destabilize. Example: Tell us which negative ...
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How to answer questions in survey for job application such as "do I have any bad habits" or "have I ever lied"?

I'm applying for a job and they have an online questionnaire. Each question in it is a statement which I must rate on a scale of 1 to 5 how much it describes myself (with 1 being not at all like me ...
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How to answer the question "What do you dislike the most at the workplace?" from an interviewee?

Today, five minutes before the interview, my manager grabbed me and asked me to participate in an interview with a potential candidate for a software developer position. I did the technical part of ...
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How should I answer "Tell me about a time you had a conflict at work" if I've never had conflicts?

In the past year I had interviews with a couple of US-based IT companies for a technical role at their European offices. The interviews were eerily similar: phone from HR, coding interviews over video ...
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How do I answer an interview question about how to handle a hard deadline I won't be able to meet?

I have gone to a few interviews at project-based companies for software developer positions. One common question they tend to ask, which is also the hardest to answer, is: Given a scenario where ...
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In an interview, what is the appropriate way to answer self-critical questions?

In every interview I have ever been in, I get asked questions such as these: Do you consider yourself a hard worker? How would you rate your expertise in [whatever area]? Do you think you're a fast ...
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How to answer critical non technical questions in an interview

I am an experienced professional who has been at the same company since I began my career. I am looking for a change now. Strangely, during interviews I find I perform well with technical questions ...
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How should I respond to being asked if I've ever received feedback on how I should improve?

I had a job-interview for another company where HR asked me if I've ever received feedback from my boss on how I should improve. I told them that honestly I've never received such feedback. Later on ...
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"What's something your friends don't know about you?" - How should I have answered this interview question?

I had an in-person interview this week with a few "personality questions" that I thought were odd but still gave an answer for, but for this one I had to say "I can't think of anything I'm willing to ...
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How to answer interview question "is there part of this job you might not like"?

Basically the question was "is there anything about the type of work you applied for that you do not like?". For more context, I applied for a tech support position. The interviewer had asked me to ...
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How is flipping interviewer's question considered as an approach on a job interview?

Opening some interview questions and answers web site, it's perfectly acceptable to expect on a job interview questions like: Tell me 3 of your weaknesses Why did you leave X after Y months?(what if ...
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What is the STAR model for writing job applications, and why do some employers encourage it?

Some job advertisements encourage applicants to use a "STAR" approach when writing an application. What is this method, and why do they encourage it?
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