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Why is it not a good idea to "badmouth" a previous employer?

My life is miserable at the company I work for. I'm in the tech industry in an organization with one of the best companies in the world, yet the workplace I'm in is completely toxic. People seriously ...
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Dealing with hostile interviewer - explaining why I left previous job due to bullying [duplicate]

I went for an interview yesterday for a senior developer role. There were two developers and one manager present. I'm no good at making up lies on the spot and the manager interrogated me over my ...
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Should I discard technologies that I don't want to work anymore from my resume?

There are some technologies/skills (programming languages, databases, etc) that I learned and worked with, but that I don't want to work with anymore. Can listing these technologies on my resume give ...
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Discussing negative experiences during interviews [duplicate]

I've recently switched careers from academia to software. At the present, I am wrapping up development on a my first commercial/non-academic project, a time sheet and invoicing system. The experience ...
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I'm looking for a new job because my current employer has failed to pay me [duplicate]

My current employer I've worked for for over a month has yet to pay me. They have set their business up to pay employees weekly so they are four paychecks behind. They claim they do not have the money ...
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First job in field - I feel like I won't learn anything - want to change my job [duplicate]

So, after working some random jobs I finally got to where I wanted to be - software development. I'm currently on my probation period but I can already see that it's getting increasingly more ...
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What should I tell the recruiter when I am leaving a company with an interesting project but poor management? [duplicate]

I have been working full-time for a software startup since I graduated (June 2015). The company is working on a very interesting project, but with very poor management(small team), no vision and no ...
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How to handle interview questions about my terrible compulsory internship? [duplicate]

Between 2014 and 2015, as part of my Bachelor's degree, I took an internship with a local arm of a globally recognised technology company. This was a bad experience for everybody involved: I was a ...
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How to answer in an interview when asked about leaving previous job, especially if it was bad? [duplicate]

My most recent work experience was largely negative. I worked for a company for about 4 months. I was terminated without cause. I was unaware of any issues and when I asked for a reason was told I ...
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Leaving a job that I just took based on false promise of a raise. What do I tell future interviewers?

I was approached to fill a position in an organisation, and during salary negotiations, I was told that they wouldn't budge on the salary because employees were expected to get a pay raise in April ...
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Should I be sincere - in an interview - about the reason for leaving my previous job?

I find myself in a situation similar to the man who wrote this post Lack of recognition in role and career development within role , that is to say I feel: I'm doing much more work with respect to ...
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My new job is a bad fit. I want to leave after 4 months

After having been employed with a huge banking group for 10 years, I decided that I wanted to try something different within the financial industry. Four months ago I accepted the offer from this ...
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How to answer "why did you leave your last job?" if you left because of retaliation after going to HR?

I have an interview this week with my dream company and I don't want to seem like a risky hire. How do I frame leaving my last job with a different tech company due to retaliation by my manager after ...
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Quit a job after only 9 months, not sure how to talk about it down the line when seeking positions

I just quit a job after 9 months. Landed another job. Here is why I quit: Job involved a relocation that was not going well at all. I really disliked the new area, and missed the old area. I was ...
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how do you handle the question why did you leave your job after 8 months w/o another job?

I left because I was miserable and constantly being micromanaged. It started to affect me negatively and couldn't enjoy anytime off that I had. My husband told me to quit because we had money in the ...
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