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Is there a difference between a software engineer title and a software developer title in Germany? [duplicate]

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Should one allow his title/salary to be downgraded when moving to a less mastered similar job? [duplicate]

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Is it advantageous to accept a more specific job title over a more generic one? [duplicate]

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Ask for higher title when negotiating with current employer?

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Omit Junior from job title on resume - likely outcome?

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How do I choose an appropriate job title?

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Offered position "X", yet I am qualified for position "X+1"

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How much do job titles matter to potential employers?

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Mid level applying as junior [closed]

I have such situation. In general based on my general programming skills I would not call myself junior developer (over 3 years of development experience). But the vacancy I saw now, is about junior C#...
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Is it ethical to discuss regarding received confirmation letter?

Today I received my confirmation letter in my workplace as a Software Developer after completing my probation. I applied to the advertisement which was looking for an Associate Software Engineer.(...
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