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Interview question: Why did you leave your previous role? [duplicate]

I am currently in the job market for a leadership role, and could use some advice on how to answer this question objectively. My previous position was in many ways a dream job. The company was having ...
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What do I say about my previous job, which was horrible, in a new job interview? [duplicate]

Last year I worked as contractor for company C for one of their projects. Long story short: It was pure hell. (The HR company that hired me informed me incorrectly about the job being Java ...
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How do I explain leaving a short-tenure position at a disfunctional company and not look like a badmouth? [duplicate]

I am currently working for a small company that is not going to survive due to mismanagement. The director of the company is chaotic, verbally abusive, and generally pretty bad at making any sort of ...
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If my reason to resign jobless is because I don't want to be involved in a project, should I explain further to my interviewer? [duplicate]

My company is going to repeat the same "mistake" (at least that's what ex and current employee said) by continuing a project. This time to develop new "feature" which is much harder than previous ones ...
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How to disclose the negatives of my negative job, without seemingly badmouthing my ex-employer [duplicate]

So, after looking around on the site, I haven't found a question that asks this. I've seen many question about Why is it not a good idea to “badmouth” a previous employer?, but none on how to disclose ...
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Is it acceptable to bring up unethical practices and nepotism at your current employer during the interview? [duplicate]

Background I'm in the process of getting a new job. I've had a several phone interviews, and I have several in-person interviews lined up. I work in IT. I've been asked why I want to leave my current ...
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Left past company because team was "set up to fail": how to explain during interview? [duplicate]

I've been with my current company for a little over half a decade now. We were acquired by a larger company, and we've gone through most of the headache of the overhaul of IT, human resources, payroll,...
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Should I disclose the reasons why I am looking for a new job during an interview? [duplicate]

When you're interviewing in a new company, while still working in your current role, should you tell your interviewer that you're leaving the company because you haven't been paid for 3 months, and ...
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Should I say the real reason as to why I've left the company [duplicate]

Leaving company because I don't think the way they solved things was professional, ranging from how they dealt with clients to how certain in office issues were solved. My boss and colleagues were ...
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Hostile work environment at previous job... Should i list as reference? [duplicate]

I worked at an entry level job for 14 months. I was treated like trash by the managers every single day because I didn't fit into their "culture", avoided and ignored by the main store manager (my ...
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How much do I share about my "reason for leaving" with potential new employers? [duplicate]

For years I was happy working at the startup I've been at, but the quality of life has been slowly dying over time and so I've been looking for new jobs. Honestly, the single problem I have with my ...
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How to explain this short stint in an interview [duplicate]

I was working for XY. In month 4, the egomaniac CTO called his nearly 40 employees to the meeting room just to humiliate me. He made me connect my laptop to the projector to revert a change he ...
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My manager has it in for me! How do I answer why do you want to leave your current company? [duplicate]

My manager has formed a grudge against me and basically portrayed me as having done nothing all of last year. He's also gone behind my back and hired a replacement for me. The reason that he's given ...
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How should I describe my lack of faith in my current employer during an interview? [duplicate]

I am working as a leader of 3-people team in a software company of about 200. I am currently looking for a new job. The main reason is that the company is on the wrong track. We are not in financial ...
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How to word an old boss was unfair? [duplicate]

In my application they ask to explain why I left my previous job. I left because the setting wasn't for me in the sense that there were younger associates, which lead to a lot of gossip and my old ...
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