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What do I say when resigning after just a month?

I have started a new job in a new company. I left my previous job because I felt I was being ignored and quite frankly I did not feel valued. I have been in this new Job just under a month and I ...
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Do I mention a competing offer when negotiating a raise?

I still keep in touch with my previous employer. Unsolicited, I received a job offer for about 25% more than I make now. There isn't a deadline on the offer; it's "just there" if I want it. I enjoy ...
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Using an offer from another firm in my yearly review

I am working at a firm, firm A, in Germany. In about a month, I will have the yearly review of my performance at my current firm. The review is together with my direct report. I am up for promotion ...
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How to use an external offer in salary negotiation WITHOUT threatening to quit [duplicate]

I like my job, a lot, and the end goal is to keep my job, but get a raise on the order of 50%. They currently pay me £X, which is a little below the national average for the UK, and a lot below the ...
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Staying in company after they offer higher pay than my new job [closed]

I am currently working in a company which paid only 4% hike. I asked them for more and they clearly said that its not possible, not even 1 % more. So I decided to search for a new job and got one with ...
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Can I use a (rejected) offer to negotiate a better salary at my current job?

I recently interviewed at a large tech company and was given a very nice offer; more than 3x what I currently make. The only downside and potential deal-breaker for me is that it would require ...
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Negotiating a pay rise with another job offer on the table

I have been in my current role for two years without a pay rise. In my reviews I score highly. I am told I am valued and am kept given more responsibility. I keep getting push back regarding a salary ...
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Can I negotiate for a higher salary based on a higher offer I got elsewhere?

I was offered a position from company A. The annual salary would be $75K plus they'd give me a $1,000 signing bonus to help me relocate. I was also offered a position with company B. It would also ...
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How can I leverage a good negotiation position for a raise without appearing arrogant or a flight risk?

I have very little experience in asking for pay rises. On the whole I have either been with employers that offered regular raises to their staff, or have left companies that were unable to provide ...
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Is there value in recruitment messages?

Context About once or twice a month, I receive a message on LinkedIn from recruiters who state that they liked my resume and wanted to talk for a potential job offer or applying in their hiring ...
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How can I turn another offer into a raise, after only working at a company for a few months? [closed]

I work at a start-up directly under the founder who is difficult to work for. There's been a lot of turnover in my position, and industry peers speak poorly of him and avoid doing business with him ...
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