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'New job will further my career'. Would this be considered rude? [duplicate]

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Should I tell my boss I'm leaving because of them?

I'm not sure that any good could come from this. But it seems false to pretend I'm leaving for other reasons. How should I handle this?
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How much should I say in an exit interview?

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How do I word my resignation? [duplicate]

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How honest to be in a resignation [duplicate]

A similar question to this one, but obviously with different personal circumstances, I'd be grateful of people's ideas on this: The basic situation I've worked for around a year for an employer ...
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Resignation letter to a new manager

So I've worked at the same restaurant for 8 years and I'm graduating college in 3 months. About a year ago there was a change in management. My long time manager was forced out by the district manager ...
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Workplace condones bullying - resignation letters and future interviews

Note: With respect to the possible duplicate of the question relating to "badmouthing a previous employer" - there is no intent on doing such a thing, I am asking for the diplomatic way out re both ...
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What is the best way to approach my boss with my two week resignation? [closed]

I am not one that likes to "job hop". I have been on my current job for one year. I was offered a better job in the same field, which pays quite a bit more money. I have accepted this new position. ...
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