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Would accepting lower pay reflect well or poorly to a potential employer? [duplicate]

I was passed up for the first round of interviews because my desired hourly wage was too high (according to the placement service.) They recommend lowering my desired pay rate by -$5.00 /hour, this ...
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How to deal with recruiters filtering out candidates based on salary expectation? [closed]

I had a short chat with an independent recruitment consultant recently. From the get go, it was all wrong. He started by asking how much I expect for my next position. I then reminded that he did not ...
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Will lowering my salary expectations help me find a job faster? [duplicate]

I have been on 5 interviews last month. I have gotten 4 rejections and the fifth is uncertain. I know at least one of the rejections was not salary based. Furthermore I have checked my salary ...
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Salary negotiated during interview - is it set in stone?

After reading several posts here, I realized that negotiating your salary once you get an offer is a good practice. During an inteview I did last week for an entry-level job, the manager asked me ...
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Should I hire someone offering work for free?

I have a problem which seems the opposite of what a few posts around here are about. I have received a CV with cover letter that clearly states that the person is willing to work as a developer for ...
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Why do job applications ask for desired salary? What are the consequences of giving a number too low or too high?

This is similar to this question: How can I determine a reasonable salary to ask for?, but I think it's asking different questions. I'm still in college and applying to jobs, so I'm a little thrown ...
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Can I convince an employer to hire me by demanding lower salary in resume? [duplicate]

I want to a get visa sponsored job and that's the reason why the amount of salary doesn't matter to me for now. So can I use it to convince the employer to hire me? And I want to write it in my resume ...
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Employer salary range way higher than I was seeking should I say yes?

Got asked the salary expectation question in one of my recent job applications via email. I deflected the question and asked the recruiter for his range instead (not sure if this was rude or not) and ...
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Employer viewed my application but has not yet rejected [closed]

Recently, I've begun commencing on my job search via a job portal. The job portal works in a way such that the status of your job application with any company to which you've applied to is ...
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I asked lower salary than companies were offering

So I got contacted by a recruiter and we had a talk about new job offers. We had a good talk about my skills and send my CV. He also asked me how much I would like to earn on a monthly basis. With my ...
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Bad idea to state lower salary expectation for telecommuting?

Inspired by this question, which asks whether it's generally a bad idea to undercut the average salary for your profession and skill level: I'm a programmer. My online resume states that I'm willing ...
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Might suggesting an offer to be paid at a low specific rate in my resume help me secure a job?

I'm a 20 year old web designer/developer without a degree and without experience in a web design job, rather Ive been working in Print Media for a year. My goal is to develop my own company featuring ...
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Working for free vs Improving skills for a PhD wanting to go into Industry [closed]

TL;DR: As an under-qualified software engineer in Australia that came from overseas, should I offer to work for free or should I keep working on my skills before applying for a paid job after PhD? ...
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How to negotiate first salary, when the offer is way lower than the job posting?

I was looking for jobs in data related fields (Data engineering/science), when I found a job opening for software engenieering offering a well above average salary, 2 to 3 times my country's average ...
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Advertising willingness to work for minimum wage or below, is it a good idea? [duplicate]

I do not have a university degree, but I am self taught programmer with 3 years of commercial experience coding Ruby on Rails. I have voluntarily left my last job after PM called me some horrible ...
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