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We have very flexible working hours in our (rather small, i.e. everybody knows everybody) company. For that, I sometimes come late to work, say after 11 a.m., rarely after 12 or 1 p.m. Now some time ...
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Coming into the office early and leaving early [duplicate]

It was brought to my attention (from part of my boss) that my coworkers have told him that they've noticed I've been leaving 10 minutes early. I leave early because I have an hour commute to work - if ...
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Changing work shift from 9-5 to 7:30 - 4, will I be looked at as a slacker? [duplicate]

I've been thinking of changing my shift times from 9am-5pm to 7:30am (or 8) to 4pm, to allow time to do yoga/therapy after work multiple days a week. My question is, will I be looked at as a slacker? ...
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Leaving early or on time is looked down upon in my company [duplicate]

So this is a very strange situation that I'm having at work. I always come in at 8:00, take a 1 hr break and leave at 5:00. This gives me 8 hours of work-time. The problem is at my work 95% of the ...
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How can I adjust my work hours to start/end earlier without my colleagues thinking I'm suddenly slacking off because I'm leaving earlier? [duplicate]

I currently work 8 to 5, more or less. Most of my co-workers do the same and leave at 5. However, I want to switch to a 7 to 4 work schedule or something earlier so that I can get home earlier. Our ...
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My manager thinks showing up early doesn't show as much enthusiasm as staying late

TL;DR: My manager says I don't "show a sense of urgency" like the rest of the team because I am laid-back and typically leave right at 5. But I come in early and work through lunch and definitely '...
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Is the perception of working late different to that of coming in early? [duplicate]

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How can I avoid the stigma associated with being late into work everyday?

I recently have started a new job. I commute in via train a fair distance but am never late (I usually got in around 15 minutes before my contracted start time). Recently, improvement works have ...
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Two coworkers comment when I leave work, does this hurt my manager's view of me? [closed]

I have two coworkers that bring attention to me nearly every time I leave work. We are all relatively junior employees on a single team in a workplace that allows flexible schedules. Employees must be ...
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Am I dealing correctly with my PM's mobbing attempts? [closed]

In the last year I started working with a new PM because the previous one quit, and I'm having some issues with him. Given that I don't have any experience of this kind of things, I'm not sure on how ...
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Leaving earlier than other co-workers; will this make me look bad?

I am auditing a course at a local university. It takes place one day a week and begins at 4:00. I am a contract worker and am only allowed to work 8 hours. The earliest I can come in is 7:00 am, ...
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How to get rid of my presentism?

After a few years with quite some overtime, I decided to get rid of my 'staying late' habit. That was never that excessive, but the hours add up. While staying late and doing overtime is a bit of a ...
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