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Can employer require you to arrive 15 minutes early each day? [duplicate]

I started a new job a few months ago and they are very strict on timing. In fact if we show up 1 minute late we get written up. We recently finished training and are now told to show up 15 minutes ...
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Do I have to get to the office any earlier than my start time?

I've been working at my UK company for 10 months. This hasn't been an issue in 10 months. We have a sign-in book and a sign-in clock. The clock is wrong, and we all know it (it's 2 minutes fast I ...
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Should I continue to work for free?

I am an undergraduate student who has a federal work study job as a "lab tech", but my actual job involves more of setting up intro biology labs and autoclaving biohazard waste, refilling carboys, etc....
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How should I respond to a boss who complains if I'm 5 minutes late?

My boss wants me at work by 8:00 a.m. Outside of rush hour, my drive to work takes about 15 minutes. During rush hour the commute time can vary greatly. (Public transporation isn't a reasonable ...
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How to clock time on a mandatory shuttle?

Most of my organization's employees park at the office, but there aren't enough spots for everyone. The company has an overflow lot 10 minutes from the building where about 20% of the employees are ...
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Does travel time count towards working hours for a non-exempt employee?

We are attending a conference on Friday but the driving time to get there is two hours and we are required to be at the work location two hours prior to my normal shift in order to hit the road and be ...
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What would benefit a company by switching all employees to hourly pay?

The company I worked for recently put all of it's employees (management, corporate, etc) on hourly pay. It used to be that all of the corporate headquarters people were salaried. What potential ...
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Can my employer reclassify me as non-exempt to avoid the new minimum salary requirement? [closed]

If you are currently an exempt employee according to the classification of exempt, is a company allowed to make you non-exempt to keep from paying you the minimum salary requirement to remain exempt?
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Is it normal to stay late working without the extra pay? [closed]

I work in a retail store. Being the new guy I always get the closing shift. Usually there is only one other coworker for the closing shift, and we have a specific set of tasks including locking ...
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What are effective methods to push back on salary for a promotion to an exempt position when you have some leverage? [duplicate]

I've been working in my current job for 7 months now, as a call center employee. My title has been "Team Lead". I've spent the majority of that time designing, deploying, and maintaining reports, ...
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Is unpaid overtime a taxable gift to the employer?

Having read Required to work unpaid overtime to "make up" for a shorter commute after moving closer to the office, I recall hearing that in the US doing unpaid work for a company is actually ...
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Are revenue or profit sharing considered nondiscretionary bonuses when determining the salary base in the FLSA "Final Rule" overtime exemption rules?

With the new overtime salary requirements coming into effect, I'm trying to figure out the salary requirements as described in this fact sheet. My question is can we include either revenue sharing, ...
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Are bonuses included in the salary base requirement for FLSA overtime exemption rules?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) specifies (among other things) a minimum salary requirement for an employee to qualify as exempt from their overtime regulations. Can bonuses be included in that ...
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Contracted Security Guard at a secure facility

I have a Co-worker who has never shown up on time for a shift since I've started working for this company (and at this site that contracts the company I work for). Due to the nature of the job (...
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What happens when I'm called from work on my day off? [closed]

I'm taking a day off. My boss expects me to check email from home. If I answer emails from home or take a call during my day off, do I have to count this as a day off since I've actually worked? I am ...
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