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Why is quitting without having a new job lined up seen so negatively by employers?

I'm a programmer and I'm trying to understand why quitting without having a job matters so much. For me cash flow is not an issue - I have more than enough to live off of for 5+ years and in any ...
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Is the right move to stay and search or leave and search (considering my level of experience) at this failing workplace? [closed]

My current developer role is the first corporate developer role I have ever landed (I was previously in another career, but left that career due to safety concerns then taught myself programming and ...
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Does it ever make sense to leave a job without another one lined up? [closed]

I have been under a lot of stress at my job - hundreds of hours of overtime in the past year, vacation and sick time tacitly discouraged. It's not that I can't take a day or a few hours of time off, ...
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Why shouldn't I resign when I haven't secured another job?

Most conventional wisdom states that, when switching jobs, you should keep your current job until you have a new job offer. However, I find that I would really like to leave sooner rather than later, ...
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Why is it important to find a new job before resigning? [duplicate]

This question is about jobs in general, but can be seen as being more specifically about "technical" jobs such as programmers and web designers. In the field of technology, people regularly take time ...
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What is the rationale for 'Don't quit your job until you have a new one'? [duplicate]

'Don't quit your job until you have a new one' is common career advice, but is this actually good advice? What is the rationale for it? Is there any evidence that people who quit their job before ...
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Quitting a job and looking for another one afterwards [duplicate]

I live in Europe right now and work as a fullstack dev in one company since over 2 years - my job was really uninteresting and unsatisfying for the past few months though. I want to not only change it ...
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Should I quit my job to relieve the stress and focus on finding another or just tough it out while I search for another job? [closed]

I graduated and started a position at a company as a project coordinator. I went into this career because initially I thought it would be much easier and a decent career path to then become a project ...
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Applying for a different job in the company I've handed in my notice to?

I've been employed in a UX position and I found out that this wasn't for me and I am pursuing work that is more front-end and coding-related. So i handed in my notice at the company, since I became ...
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How do you resign from a trainee scheme in a way which minimizes the impact on your career?

Essentially, I am planning on resigning from my graduate scheme as I want to focus more on my masters which can be done on a part-time basis. Ultimately, I want to pursue a career in a different field....
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