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I work for a startup in Ottawa, and have been with the company for just over a year now. The CEO promised me stock options, a massive completion bonus, and a month of paid vacation to offset the ...
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Putting in 2 weeks notice, but if I leave there is no replacement; how to address this? [duplicate]

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Quitting a job as a key employee [duplicate]

I am a PhD working in a critical role in a fortune company. I have been with them for 5 years. The company invested a lot in my research, and the technology is finally taking off. We have projects ...
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Should I feel guilty for job searching? [duplicate]

I am interviewing for a well-known company right now, passed the initial phone screening and have been invited to the final round. My boss is oblivious to this, and since I am effectively second in ...
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Resigning will cripple my department, but I am resigning because of a near crippled department [duplicate]

I am on a team of people that only has two software developers left when notionally our goal is to be a tech driven department. That is because they cannot fill the other 10-15 positions, a ...
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Changing a job in a company where people are fully dependent on me [duplicate]

In the beginning when I applied for the job - I've given an information that the only reason I'm coming to their company (which is a Software House) was because I got rejected from a dream job at the ...
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Can I avoid burning bridges while resigning (at a critical time) [duplicate]

About a half year ago, my department lead verbally promised me a promotion to "principal developer", which comes with a pay raise and lots of perks. When annual reviews came up in October I ...
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How to go through resigning when I'm the only developer in the company? [duplicate]

I've been with this company for 2 years now and I'm the only developer. In that 2 years I've developed 1 web application and 1 mobile app. Now I am being given new task but I'm already planning to ...
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Should I let my employer know I am looking? [duplicate]

I am currently working at an agency as a developer. I have been applying to positions for the last few months (including turning down an offer that I didn't feel was a good fit). Until recently, I ...
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How to approach an employer knowing you'll likely burn a bridge [duplicate]

So, my work history is winding. I have worked at 1 job for 3 years as an entry level position. Last year I graduated college and moved into the field I got a degree in. I kept my job at the company in ...
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Planning to leave startup which is about to raise funds [duplicate]

I am planning to leave my current job. The company is a startup which has been working on the product for two years and i have worked here for a year. I take care of the Backend and Machine Learning. ...
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How do I quit gracefully, without burning any bridges? [duplicate]

This is what my current situation looks like. I have an offer from a big tech company, with a start date of around mid November. At my current job I have around a week's worth of unused PTO and I ...
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Will leaving in the middle of a big project hurt my relationship with my current boss(es)? [duplicate]

The company I work for is a mid-sized multinational organisation in the engineering sector in Asia. This is my first job, and I've been working here close to 3 years. Without going into details, I ...
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New manager asking me to stay (with matching counteroffer) after accepting another job [duplicate]

I am an expat living in Germany. I work for one of the most reputed e-commerce companies here. I have been working here since 2 years now. The job is not bad, but management and the CEO have made some ...
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