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New manager asking me to stay (with matching counteroffer) after accepting another job [duplicate]

I am an expat living in Germany. I work for one of the most reputed e-commerce companies here. I have been working here since 2 years now. The job is not bad, but management and the CEO have made some ...
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Warn my employer [duplicate]

I'm actually kind of new in my company (been here for 4 months now) and my boss has been really kind to me in the way of giving me responsabilities and thrusting my judgement. I'm a programmer analyst ...
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How to ask for a lay off and quit a company without burning bridges [duplicate]

I have been working in a start-up for over a year now but I am considering quitting the company. There are several reasons, working remotely most of the time and the isolation really pushing me over ...
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How can I prepare for getting hit by a bus?

As a member of small teams, I had significant responsibility. Whether driving progress by organizing meetings or maintaining/creating/understanding a large percentage of specific technical information,...
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Leaving job close to major deadlines

I've been at my current position for 11 months, and have been working on a pretty big project that I was hired to complete. I haven't made as much progress as expected by my bosses (for some good ...
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How should you gracefully leave a company you helped start?

I am a co-founder of a software startup in the B2B space. I am an engineer and have helped build much of our platform from the ground up. It's been 3+ years since we started doing this and we've ...
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Would I be wrong to leave the start-up I’m working for with one month’s notice? [duplicate]

I work for a 25-person startup company. Even though we are a startup we have good funding from a big investor. My role here is CTO (not co-founder) taking care of 5-6 people (used to be 10+). My boss ...
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How to appropriately quit a "bad" unpaid internship?

Let me preface this by noting, I put the quotations around bad because it's how I feel about the experience, I understand this may be a "good" opportunity for someone else. I started working this ...
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How do I resign when I know my employer will lose a big client when I leave?

I'm in a tricky position. I don't enjoy where I'm working and I've been offered another opportunity. Unfortunately, I know the current client that I'm consulting for isn't on good terms with my ...
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How to tell my boss that I am quitting

I worked for a contracting company for three years. I am grateful that they sponsored me and arranged a work visa and now I have obtained permanent residency. During that time, I was placed to work ...
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How do I explain to my manager that I am searching/found a new job at another company? [duplicate]

I have been working as an R&D Engineer at Company A for a year now and have decided to start looking for new employment opportunities due to financial reasons. Company A has given me a ton of ...
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How do I tell my boss I'm leaving to start my own business? [duplicate]

TLDR How do I tell my boss of ~9 months that I want to leave to run my own business? I will start with a bit of (relevant) background to this question to give some context. I was a self employed web ...
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How to not burn bridges and leave a small company at "crunch time"

I've seen the possible duplicate, thank you for pointing that out! It's different only in that I'm focused on preserving personal relationships in a job that was otherwise pretty good to me, but can't ...
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How should I (or companies in general) handle transitioning after resignation with a bus factor of 1?

I'm resigning from the startup that I work at on Monday, giving the US-standard notice of two weeks. I am the sole developer on one of the platforms that our product supports, to the extent that no ...
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Abandoning my position without throwing my co-workers under the bus

I work at a hospital, under a union. About a year ago, management approached me and asked me I I'd like take on an inventory position, since I have a fair amount of seniority, and the previous ...
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