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Can I still try to negotiate salary when the terms of the offer are "non-negotiable"?

I was recently offered an entry-level job following an internship. I gave what I felt were good reasons for a higher base and sign-on bonus, but HR responded: The terms of your offer are non-...
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How can you discover meaning and purpose in your development work when it feels so monotonous? [closed]

As a developer, I find myself going through this phase where I feel like my work is unrewarding and like I just pound keys for a paycheck. Even having worked on applications driving social and ...
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How can I improve a resume to avoid looking like a job-hopper?

I feel like my resume is cursing me. In the last five years I have held just as many jobs. For the first of those five years, I had two jobs lasting a few months each. The next job lasted me two years ...
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Filling a gap on my resume, is this ethical?

I have a few long gaps in my resume. I spent a lot of that time traveling the world. This isn't just one gap -- there's two or three gaps over the past decade and a half. I also worked on my own ...
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Is it frowned upon to quit a second successive job after only a short amount of time in both positions? [duplicate]

In my career so far, I have had three jobs. My first position, I was a data analyst for a software house. My second position, I was a software developer for another software house, but I stayed for a ...
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Would multiple "layoffs" over a short period be detrimental to one's career?

I have been "laid off" 3 times during the past 4 years. "Laid off" is in quotes due to the circumstances making it hard to tell if it can be called a layoff or not. First "layoff" was me getting ...
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Will hiring managers and recruiters understand why I left so early?

I’ve been working as a software developer for the past six months at the same company. However, I’ve recently had thoughts of leaving for a company that better fits my interests (culture and team work)...
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How to drop the quitter mentality [closed]

I've been working for 5 years, and a couple of months ago I started in my fifth company. In the first two jobs I stayed over a year and then quit. When I look back, I don't regret it at all, the ...
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Only list three job experiences that are relevant and impactful but distant in time

I have a long list of companies I worked in. I would like to only mention and describe the ones that are relevant for a specific job. Mentioning all of them, even just the latest, without describing ...
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Does hopping between failing startups look bad on a CV? [closed]

The [job-hopping] tag reveals that hopping between more than a couple of jobs really damages the first impressions of a resume (the most canonical questions being here and here). But what if those ...
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How to get over job hopping stigma?

I am starting the process of searching for a new role, but I have a bit of a problem. Since I've started my career, I've had too many jobs for reasons that I hope were not entirely my fault. Let me go ...
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How bad does it look to consistently quit a job after a year [duplicate]

Quick background, I am a software developer with around 5 years of professional experience. I was updating my resume today and I realized the longest I've ever stayed at a single company was 1 year ...
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Resigning from a job within months of starting [duplicate]

I have 4+ years of experience in the software industry. At my first job, I stayed for around 3.1 years I left my second job within a year (i.e in 9 months.) I left because I was not happy with the ...
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Can I accept a contract for a job when I have already accepted a contract for another job due to start in 6 months?

Based in the UK. Okay so I'm in a slightly messy situation here. I'm currently working for a small company ( let's call them X), it's my first job after university. While I enjoy the job, I have been ...
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What to do when your resume has short stints that are unavoidable?

So I have had some unfortunate luck when it comes to jobs and I am looking for advice. My first job out of college I was at for roughly a year. I left because i did not see myself continuing in that ...
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