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As it may seem odd to you but I had this question since long time ago. I am currently working as a contractor for a big fin-tech firm in Northeastern US. We are doing financial quantitative projects ...
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How to get off on the right foot as an intern? [duplicate]

I will be starting my first internship (and office job) soon and I need some guidance. I was given a coding task before the interview (I correctly completed it), however I still lack confidence in ...
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Is it my responsibility to look for work? [duplicate]

I have a job where I was hired, given a nice salary, and stuck in a corner. I haven't been given anything to do in over a week. I'm free to just listen to music and do what I like in my office all day....
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what should I do when there is nothing to do in office [duplicate]

As stated in the title, what should I do when there is nothing to do in the office? Should I go ask my supervisor for any work or should I wait for them to come to me? I am a new hire to the company ...
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Asking for additional responsibilities [duplicate]

A couple of months ago I started a job on a small team of less than 10 members as a data analyst. I had no background in this type of work besides a very small connection to my bachelor's degree being ...
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How do I keep busy during slow times, without looking like I have nothing to do?

I do a lot of tech support work and sometimes I find myself waiting on people or generally going through a slow time. I get a phone call something like once a week. I mainly setup virtual machines and ...
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Is it unethical for an unpaid intern to arrive late frequently?

First of all, I'm not technically an intern. I'm in my final school year and to pass it, I have to program an application for a company with a partner. This is a seperate project, so we're not ...
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How to ask for more work to do [duplicate]

I am currently doing a short internship for a month at a games developers that may result in a part-time job at the end. I am generally a fast worker, and often complete tasks way before people expect ...
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Coop working in field unrelated to my interests looking to make the most of my experience [closed]

I am a college student on a cooperative internship, and I have had quite a rough time. I got a job I applied for without intending to take because the pay was good. The job was in a more mathematical ...
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Am I growing enough?

My specific question is given all my background, is this the kind of work experience that's typical/expected in the industry, and I'm just slow? Never worked another job other than this so want to get ...
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