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I currently sit in a cubical beside someone who does not seem to understand the merits of shower on a regular basis. This is not affecting my job per se, but it is sometimes distracting to have the ...
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How to deal with colleagues who smoke and carry a bad breath to meeting rooms? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How should I approach a co-worker on matters of personal hygiene? I spend 3 hours of my time on an average everyday in meeting rooms. The rooms are generally very small and ...
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How to handle a coworker's breath odor? [duplicate]

I work in an office of 6 or 7 people a day. I absolutely like everyone and it is a really nice place (seriously). I want to stay here a long time and continue working with the same people. I have a ...
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How to handle strong bathroom smell [duplicate]

I have a co-worker that seems to have trouble making it to the restroom in time. I'm not 100% certain that he/she is straight up crapping themselves, but whatever it is produces a very strong smell of ...
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The mouth of my co-worker stinks so strongly, that I can't stay 2m from him [duplicate]

...but we are talking a lot, and he is mostly much much closer. I don't know what to do. Now he has left my desk around 10 minutes ago, but I still can feel the odor of his mouth. I don't have any ...
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How to deal with a colleague who has very bad hygiene? [duplicate]

I took up a new job as software engineer where I share a generous room with another person. We interact with each other respectfully and professionally and he is doing great work as far as I am ...
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How to approach co-workers who do not wash their hands? [duplicate]

We have all seen it, probably too many times: someone gets out of the toilet booth/cubicle and rushing outside, never even glancing towards the sink where he/she are expected to wash their hands like ...
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Dealing with a co-worker with a farting problem [duplicate]

I have a co-worker who stands behind me at work, our desks face away from each other with a few feet between. For the last month I have heard audible farts at least once per day, and several people ...
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How to deal with sitting next to an alcoholic colleague [duplicate]

I have a work colleague I sit next to whom I suspect to be an alcoholic. Certainly other colleagues have expressed this opinion. It used to be that occasionally he would come in smelling of stale beer ...
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How should I deal with co-workers lack of hygiene at work? [duplicate]

I work in a small office. There are no screens to separate work spaces and I can't help but notice when my co-worker picks his nose or wipes his nose with his hand when he has a cold. He then goes on ...
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How should I address disruptive office behaviors diplomatically? [duplicate]

I recently started a new job and share an office with a colleague who has some disruptive habits. While he is a friendly and helpful individual, there are two specific behaviors that are affecting my ...
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My group hired a new person who is disgusting and disruptive [duplicate]

My group hired a new fella. Usually I'm involved in the hiring process but not in this case. We made a poor choice and hired someone who is noisy and disruptive via various bodily sounds. Snorting, ...
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How do I tell a coworker about her stinky body odor? [duplicate]

One of my coworkers wears sleeveless shirts very often and it is obvious she is not wearing deodorant. Often her armpits emit a onion odor. How can I tell her it smells bad? Should I tell her? Or ...
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How to deal with workplace discrimination as a contractor? [duplicate]

I work at a pharmaceutical company as a contractor and recently we had someone from another country work as a contractor here. One day I was approached by someone from the client company saying that ...
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What to do about the office farter? [duplicate]

There is an older man who comes in a couple days a week and he farts really loud without excusing himself. How do I tell him he is being impolite in a nice way?
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