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Why you looking out for change? [duplicate]

I am working in Software development and have recently faced couple of interviews. Interview 1: I have cleared the first (Technical) round, when I faced the HR round, the first question they have ...
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Is it too much information to tell a hiring manager that part of the reason I'm job searching is to try and make more money to support a sick parent? [duplicate]

A friend is helping me submit a resume to her group at a bank and while catching up, she asked me why I was leaving my teaching and research job at school; I told her that I wasn't making enough money ...
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Interview: How to answer - Why do you want to leave your current job? [duplicate]

Here's a bit of background regarding my situation: I don't necessarily want to leave my current job. In fact, I'm quite happy there. I'm only considering interviewing for a similar role at a company ...
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Explaining change of career in an Interview [duplicate]

How should one approach the question of change of career in an interview? What appropriate reasons can one provide that would not look bad on them. To briefly explain the situation: My friend is a ...
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How to answer "Why do you want to change your job?"? [duplicate]

In a recent interview I was asked "Why do you want to switch/change your job, when you haven't even completed 2 years?". Current role is Consultant at a fintech firm and role applied for is ...
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Good reason for leaving current job [duplicate]

I work for a very small business and planning to quit soon. The reason being other employees are leaving as well and it's a mess to work there with minimal resources and extra workload on the left ...
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Am I allowed to disclose to my interviewers that I am looking for a new job because my current company is in financial trouble? (Philippines) [duplicate]

Related to this question: Can I disclose my company's financial troubles when applying for new jobs (UK)? But I am asking for a Philippine standpoint. If I am allowed to, if it is generally in ...
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When asked "Why do you want to switch your job?" whats a good approach? [duplicate]

Its a common question and of course very natural for an employer to ask an applicant: "So, you have a job at the moment, then why do you want to change?" I guess the best I can do is to give a ...
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Why is it not a good idea to "badmouth" a previous employer?

My life is miserable at the company I work for. I'm in the tech industry in an organization with one of the best companies in the world, yet the workplace I'm in is completely toxic. People seriously ...
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Is "I missed open enrollment" a reasonable explanation for why I'm leaving a job?

I missed open enrollment [the 30-day deadline in the US for new employees to elect health insurance, or else be uninsured for the rest of that calendar year]. It's ultimately on me, since my company ...
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How should I explain volunteering for future layoffs in interviews?

I got wind that my boss was going to need to reduce his headcount by 1 (technically three, but there were two open positions). I volunteered as all four of my co-workers just had kids in the past year ...
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What not to say regarding my motivation for finding a new job?

I've had a few job interviews recently and I seriously wonder what exactly should I say when they ask me about my motivation for looking for a new job. I completely avoided talking about money except ...
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Interview question: Why did you leave your previous role? [duplicate]

I am currently in the job market for a leadership role, and could use some advice on how to answer this question objectively. My previous position was in many ways a dream job. The company was having ...
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Applying for work when on "personal development plan"?

After 9 months of employment at a company, I've been told my performance needs to improve in some areas, and have been put on a personal development plan because my performance has been inconsistent ...
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How to handle the "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" question

What is a good answer to this interview question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What information is the interviewer trying to ascertain and what information should the job seeker try (or ...
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