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How do I jump ship? [duplicate]

I've received a new job offer a week ago which I've accepted with an email message, I was then asked to give an admission date so they could write it down on the contract. I gave them a date but now ...
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Exactly when in the hiring process of a new job should I give a two week notice to my current job? [duplicate]

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When should I give my boss notice for having accepted an offer of a new job? [duplicate]

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Received Offer, went through successful salary negotiation then silent for 1 month [duplicate]

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Is it ok to tell future employers that I want to wait for my bonus?

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How can I ethically "ease into" quitting a job?

This is a first for me, as I've never quit a full-time job before. I've been with my company for several years now and my relationship with my team is great; however, a better opportunity has opened ...
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How soon should I tell my employer that my commute is too long?

I started a new job just over three months ago, with a commute of two hours each way. Before joining the company, I understood that I would soon be able to transfer to their office in my home town. ...
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How to go through resigning when I'm the only developer in the company? [duplicate]

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Notifying employer of job offer

I have accepted a conditional job offer (subject to background checks) and am yet to tell my current employers. The plan is to wait until the offer is firm before handing my resignation and breaking ...
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New employer not giving me a start date [closed]

At the start of December I secured a new job which I have been very delayed in starting. First of all I was waiting for references from previous employers, who were not responsive in providing these ...
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I signed off a job offer and gave an expected start date, I found out I need more than the date given to them

So last week I got offered a job by a company that I’ve went to multiple interviews for and I am excited to join them. I signed the job offer but told the employer verbally that the expected start ...
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How do I tell my boss I've accepted an internship at another company, but I would like to continue working part time?

I've been working at my current job part-time for a few years. Just a few days before we were asked to submit our summer hours of availability, I was offered an internship at another company, which I ...
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How bad is my situation for job searching? [duplicate]

I'm wondering how bad it'd be if I quit my current job and go searching for a new one. ... What would happen if I quit my job and go job searching? I have no side projects or github page and I'm ...
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Haven't got revised employment yet [closed]

I have already got employment contract via email. But it is just draft only. So, I discussed with my employer everything I wanna know about my salary and benefits etc via email only. My employer said ...
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