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I have an upcoming performance review but I'm planning to leave work within a couple months [duplicate]

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Should I tell my boss I want to quit soon, so someone else can take the project that I am currently introduced to? [duplicate]

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When to inform my manager that I want to leave in one year from now? [duplicate]

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Should I tell my manager that I want quit in 2-4 months? Or should I keep my plans to myself? [duplicate]

I just wonder if I should tell my manager that I want to quit in a few months from now or not. Below I am going to provide you with some context and description of my current situation. Basically I am ...
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Should I hand in my resignation at the end of the month or when I decide to leave? [duplicate]

According to the law in Poland when I hand in my resignation letter I'm obliged to work till the end of the following month (i.e. end of April if I hand it in in March) no matter if I do it on the ...
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When to give notice if I'm leaving the country in a few months? [duplicate]

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Advice on Telling Employer about Relocation with Issues [duplicate]

My husband just accepted a job in another city- which means relocation for my family. I need my paycheck and insurance (I am the primary) for as long as possible. My husband’s timeline is around ...
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Should I bring up plans to leave during a negotiation with my boss about pay? [duplicate]

I'm a developer in a tech company and have been here for only about 3 months as a contract worker. As my boss has been happy with the work I have done, he is going to discuss with me (in about a week ...
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Employer has offered a promotion and training, but I am planning on leaving in 8 months - should I take? [duplicate]

I have been working at this company for almost a year now, and I have been offered a promotion and training to go with. My old job here will be cut, that is part of the reason why I have been offered ...
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Should I reveal my graduate school plans when I plan to work for only a year? [duplicate]

I am new to stackexchange. I don't want to say my countries if it's okay for anonymity. TL;DR I plan to work while applying for a PhD. How much of my PhD application plans do I have to disclose? My ...
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How soon should I communicate to my employer I am looking into pursuing a doctorate? [duplicate]

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How do I make it clear to my employer that I want to give 4 weeks notice to our client? [duplicate]

I work as a contractor for a major company in Western Europe, since September. By contractor, I mean that I am employed by a company, which sells my time to a client (the major company). I am not ...
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If my employer is planning a big project around me, should I tell them I'm looking for a new job?

I've been in meetings all week with my small company's owners, planning a big project for which I am a critical resource. However, meanwhile I'm looking for a job. My company has pretty low ...
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