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I head the marketing department in a relatively open floor plan. Our department is directly next to programming (a 6 person team) and they talk non-stop. I was a programmer prior to my current ...
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How do I confront coworkers about their loud, annoying mechanical keyboards [duplicate]

I work in a shared office space and two people that sit across from me have mechanical keyboards which are very, very loud and very, very annoying. I don't always want to listen to music, and since it'...
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Is it normal for meetings and communication during normal business hours to push my coding to late at night? [duplicate]

I work at an open style workplace. Like many other people at startups, I wear many hats at work, which forces me to collaborate with other workers a lot. I am also often distracted by meetings and ...
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Nosey colleague [duplicate]

I work in an open plan office where there are 4 people to each bank of desks The lady who sits diagonally behind me will turn round and ‘stare into’ absolutely every conversation that I have with a ...
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I code better at home, what does this say about my work environment? [duplicate]

I currently work (as a developer) for a company where I am involved in pretty awesome projects. In general, I have fun and the projects are challenging enough, so nothing wrong there. We currently ...
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Activity Based Workplace - How to survive and thrive as an introvert? [duplicate]

My company has last week switched to an Activity Based Workplace. Meaning; no solitary offices, huge open spaces, no assigned desks, and the cubicles aren't even cubicles (the dividers are waist-level....
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Spoon and plate noise in the office [duplicate]

What would be the best way to contact HR with a suggestion for having available plastic (or some other material) plates at work to keep noise at a minimum in the morning? It's a open plan office, 1 ...
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Noisy office, how to tackle? [duplicate]

I recently joined a software company. It has open space concept. I find it very noisy and counter productive. I use noise cancellation headphones but it is not practical to use it everyday when I am ...
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How can I become more attentive and focused at my job? [duplicate]

My job is usually concerned with Data Entry/Analysis. I work with a lot of data in Excel spreadsheets, prepare lot of Reports, requirement documents. I have to remember a lot of facts/things . I write ...
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Noise isolation in open space office [duplicate]

I am a researcher within a trading company, and we work altogether in an open space office. Previously I worked in academia, had my own office, which was a great help in focusing. Trading noise is ...
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How do I get work done in an open office environment? [duplicate]

I work in an office with an open floor plan and I am distracted by noise around me. I am much less productive and less comfortable when people talk around me. I'll outline the problem and then what ...
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Noisy office environment hindering productivity [duplicate]

I work in an open office where over 30-40 are present at most of the office time. I have my cubicle next to the hiring team of our department. As part of their work they have to converse with many ...
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Dealing With Noisy Co-Workers (In A Noisy Office) [duplicate]

I've read through some of the existing Questions here (such as Noisy office, how to tackle? and similar posts), and I don't see this being specifically addressed - feel free to point me to better ...
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I get distracted while working, how can I regain my focus? [duplicate]

Background I am working as a developer in a tech company. Every employee in our department has a vague and interlacing responsibility, meaning: an employee might be tasked to do something that he/...
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Would listening to music be a good solution to avoid office keyboard sound [duplicate]

I asked this question at another community but think it will be OK to be here. So it's like this: I've got a chronic phobia with keyboard sound. Unfortunately, my working place has a few constant ...
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