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I've not performed well in my first year as technical director. What should I do next?

Summary: I've been the technical director of a project. It finished well, but I made some mistakes that I don't know I can fix easily. This also ruined my manager's trust in me. Should I go back to a ...
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When in a conflict with someone, should I tell them that I intend to speak to their superior?

In a workplace, if there is a conflict with a coworker, the best approach is to talk to the coworker about the problem directly. If a resolution cannot be reached, one can then try talking to the ...
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When should you go to HR vs. your manager with regards to an issue with another employee?

I had a previous role where I was having a problem with a disruptive, socially unaware colleague, and ended up asking HR about how best to handle it. We had a solid talk and it was discussed that I ...
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What are the pros and cons of escalating a personnel conflict issue to HR?

I work in a field where my work must be reviewed by a more senior colleague. This colleague is not my direct line-manager. On a number of occasions he has questioned my ability, and that of another ...
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UK: do I have a right to speak to HR and get HR to help?

I work in the UK for a big US company. My former manager is putting pressure on my current manager to get me fired. This didn't happen... for months, but the pressure is constant, and there are ...
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1 Month barely have done any work (System Engineer) [closed]

I was hired about 30 days ago by the COO who's recruiter is a "friend" of his. I also interviewed with the VP and Director of IT who I directory report to. After waiting an unusual month and a half ...
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Asked for a raise three years ago, haven’t had any movement what’s next steps to take?

Several years ago, I was a UI designer/developer for a company I currently still work for (I have been there now for 7 years). I was asked to choose to either stay in my department as a UI developer ...
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Can you safely go to HR about issues with management?

I work in Maryland, USA and have been working with a company for almost 10 years. For about the last 3 of them, I've been warned about, a newly hired regional manager that had eyes on me by my direct ...
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Should I get HR involved? [closed]

I work in a busy warehouse and have been here for 3 years. Approximately 2 months ago we hired a 2nd person, let's call him Bob, to help out. During the first month of his employment, our new ...
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Going over direct manager to CEO about severe conditions [closed]

I am currently an employee at a business consulting company. We have several branches and I am a part of a branch in the middle east as a principal consultant. However my direct management is a part ...
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