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Should I wear a suit to a software engineer interview? [duplicate]

American company in Tokyo. Funny thing, the guy interviewing me is the same guy I interviewed 3 months ago. At that time he wore a suit, I was in regular work clothes (black T shirt, long pants) ...
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Is it too stereotyped for an Interaction Designer to dress in a business suit for interview? [duplicate]

We are not businessmen, we are not sales, we are just designers, sometimes play with ideas. Is a suit too stereotyped for us for interview? How do you think?
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What to wear to an interview at a game development company [duplicate]

What is appropriate attire to wear to an interview at a large, high-profile game development company for a mid-level managerial position (male or female)?
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What would you wear to an interview for the software department of a law firm? [duplicate]

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Thought interview went well but contacted by recruiter saying HR found me rude [closed]

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Software dev interview. Told to come back in slacks before meeting with the CEO. Was this appropriate?

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Is it acceptable dress in formal attire for an interview? [closed]

Generally speaking, I've always heard that you should dress nicely for an interview. Most advice I've heard from is that business casual should be the most casual you dress and that business ...
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Do you keep your suit jacket on during an interview?

What is the consensus - during an interview, do you keep your suit jacket on or off? What is the impression it gives if the suit jacket is taken off during the interview?
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