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Academic trying to jump over to consultancy [duplicate]

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I have been asked to calculate a raise, should I ask based on my needs or to match my colleagues? [duplicate]

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HR manager won't tell me what salary they have in mind. She tells me to "negotiate my expectations" [duplicate]

I cleared the technical round of an interview with a company. In the HR round, the HR manager asked my expected salary, which I gave them. She wanted me to negotiate further. I asked her how much ...
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How do you negotiate a salary when you've lowballed yourself in your current job? [duplicate]

One of the first questions the HR of your potentially new workplace asks is how much you make currently, then add 30% and this becomes the salary you're looking at at your new place. I didn't know ...
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Negotiating salary as undergraduate [duplicate]

This semester I am doing 1 course. Next semester I will be doing 2 courses, after which I will have graduated. The 2 courses I will be doing next semester are general education courses that I have to ...
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