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If I did a good job delegating all my work to a team I built, and there is no work left, am I redundant?

I have been commended for doing a good job building a team and I currently have absolutely zero hands-on work. I also believe the team is doing very well on their own and need minimal supervision. Or ...
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Jokingly told my boss "I quit" on April Fools, and I think I just got fired [closed]

I jokingly told my manager "I quit" via email (it was longer than that) as an April Fools joke. We get along pretty well normally. Well, it seems my joke was taken a bit too seriously as I just got ...
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How do I write technical handover documentation before leaving a company?

I am serving notice period in my organization, and a project manager has asked me to write down a document on what I have done. I have briefly mentioned the points on which I have worked, but I have ...
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How does a non team player answer questions about team playing [closed]

I am asking a question for my friend; he is searching for a position in the corporate world. Let's call him "Joe". This Joe guy does not think working in a team necessarily means the best product ...
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How to deal with a boss that continues to do day-to-day work?

My boss (and, actually, his boss too, which is the company general director) are generally quite good. But it happens (seldom, but frequently enough) that they start to fiddle with the details: day to ...
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Is there an effective personal strategy or methodology to stop bringing work issues home?

In my work environment I interact on a daily basis with people who are not as technically strong as they should be. Who do not have the necessary managerial and administrative skills to run teams or ...
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How to address management concerns for "what if you leave?"

Background: I am a systems guys/developer. I develop a lot of intranet websites and apps used by thousands of people at my company (almost 100K employees globally). For the most part my company ...
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My boss told me I'd have to pay him to quit. Can he do that? [closed]

I'm negotiating my updated contract at work and my boss, in an attempt to get me to comply, told me I could owe him up to $20,000 if I were to quit. His argument was that he invested a lot of money ...
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How to make a smooth exit transition?

I have worked at my current company for 13 months now, and have accepted an offer yesterday from another firm. I love the work environment at my current job and all my coworkers, but an increased ...
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How can I ethically "ease into" quitting a job?

This is a first for me, as I've never quit a full-time job before. I've been with my company for several years now and my relationship with my team is great; however, a better opportunity has opened ...
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I'm critical to the company, but underpaid and seeking new employment. Should I tell my superiors?

I am in a critical niche position at a medium sized (~300 person) company and I am not respected and grossly underpaid. My daily operations are required in order for the company to function and there ...
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Should I wait to leave my company after I finish a big project? What's the best way to do this?

So, I don't like my job anymore. For a few reasons. First of all, the culture fit is just not really there. Second, my job has changed very drastically from my job description after just 1 year. I'm ...
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How to quit when you are the last developer on the team?

While my question is similar to this question, my situation is a bit different. I am part of a small development team consisting of two developers, my firend/colleague and myself. There is also a ...
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How to leave a startup as the sole developer

I'm the only developer at an early stage startup (think ~5 people). I have no problems with my current job or coworkers, but a much better offer has come along and I'm considering taking it. How can ...
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How should I (or companies in general) handle transitioning after resignation with a bus factor of 1?

I'm resigning from the startup that I work at on Monday, giving the US-standard notice of two weeks. I am the sole developer on one of the platforms that our product supports, to the extent that no ...
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