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Should I keep quiet about personal plans which might impact a demanding project my new employer has planned? [closed]

I have the offer to join a new company soon and they have a demanding project in the pipeline where I would have to work for at least a couple of years without any break apart from the legally granted ...
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How do I resign gracefully from a professional job?

This question is intended to be a canonical question, see Make that answer a canonical answer to "how to quit gracefully in a professional way" I am currently working in a full time ...
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How can I prevent employer from making a significant investment in me since I may leave the job soon?

I left my previous employer for a new company half-mindedly, mostly because I couldn't find a better opportunity. After working for just 1 month, I have interviewed for another company. The interview ...
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How can I get a stapler and better keyboard? [closed]

Several weeks ago, I was involved in an untimely accident with a bus. It was tragic and I can't help but wonder if I would have looked better for that bus had I enjoyed the little things in life more. ...
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Sociopath for coworker at startup [closed]

I work as a programmer at a small tech startup. The team is ~6 people. I've been working there almost 3 years. I am the first employee, but not a founder. One of the founders has treated me like ...
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How can I actually get people involved to reduce my bus factor without revealing my intentions to leave?

I am currently applying for new jobs, so I'm planning my exit. And since I am the subject matter expert for an entire tech product, I've been doing my best to create as much documentation as I can to ...
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How to break the cycle of being a "load bearing employee" because of no time to cross-train others because of constant deadlines?

Edit: I considered this question (How to protest a deadline that is too short?) as a suggested duplicate, but in my situation there is no realistic way to 'protest' a deadline, since there's no real ...
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Should my client be so concerned about basically my death?

I made an offer to a long-time client to build a system for them that would increase their profits drastically. They agree at that point. The problem is if the system completely broke for a few days, ...
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When would a manager be ok with me quitting? [duplicate]

As far as I remember, it has been mentioned several times that the answer to the question "when should I be looking for a new job?" is "always". We are supposed to protect ourselves as a first ...
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Checklist for leaving an (IT) job

Edit: Thanks for the answers clarifying for which things I am not responsible, I am still looking for more detail on how to avoid inconvenience on my side as generally mentioned in one of the answers. ...
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Replacement - What questions to ask?

I am a software development manager and I have resigned. My boss has interviewed a few candidates and shortlisted some candidates to have a chat with me. I was not in those sessions. My Boss has asked ...
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How to handle time off for surgery?

I've got a major surgery coming up, and my company is just as aware of it as I am, and I'm covered for the time off, but what I'm wondering is how is a longer term leave like this typically handled? ...
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Should I clean my code before leaving? [closed]

I'm quitting the company where I worked for one year. I was the only developer, and the product is a web application. The boss really appreciated me; he is sad that I'm leaving. He does not want to ...
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How can I pass an unfinished project to another organization without feeling guilty?

First time posting here, so please bear with me. My team had a project from one of our OEM customers which aged for a few years. Nothing special so far, project kept growing and more and more tasks ...
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How to prepare for a leaving colleague without letting the company know about it

we are a small company with about 100 employees. Our department consists of three people. Our bus factor is as close to 1 as it can get. I know for certain, that a colleague will be leaving in october,...
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