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I work at a very small software development firm (6 people, not including the boss) where the accumulating dissatisfaction with the workplace is forcing me to start actively looking for alternative ...
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How do I not join a project without telling the reason is I will probably quit before the project will be over? [duplicate]

I'm working for a company which has started a one-year project with government aid. For this project the composition of the team and every member must be approved by the government. Because of some ...
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Giving my employer two year's notice [duplicate]

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Is it appropriate to leave a company in the middle of small and large projects? [duplicate]

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Changing a job in a company where people are fully dependent on me [duplicate]

In the beginning when I applied for the job - I've given an information that the only reason I'm coming to their company (which is a Software House) was because I got rejected from a dream job at the ...
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How to correctly leave your company [duplicate]

I am in a small development company. I am fine and I like the people there, but I have just been offered a job and it is really interesting. So I have decided to accept it. I was not looking for it, ...
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Should I tell my boss I want to quit soon, so someone else can take the project that I am currently introduced to? [duplicate]

After 2.5 years working at my current job (programming), I recently came to the conclusion that I want to find a new workplace. Reason for this is solely my boss who (in general has a good heart but) ...
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How to go through resigning when I'm the only developer in the company? [duplicate]

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How to get out of a situation where you are a useful bottleneck? [duplicate]

I am a data scientist in a big company (10K employees). I have to say I appreciate my job (for now) and leaving is not my preferred solution, even though it's in scope. So, in the last 2 years, I ...
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How to handle vacation handover when I cannot trust anyone in my team? [duplicate]

I have trouble taking longer periods of vacation due to the fact that many of my specialist knowledge and experiences are unique and I have not trained anyone on those skills. One of the main reasons ...
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Our team is already struggling to meet deadlines and i am planning to leave. What considerations should i take? [duplicate]

I work in a relatively small team. Upper management has basically tied our hands to tight deadlines for the next year or so meaning basically all developer resources are fully booked for the ...
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How does a Lead prepare to leave a job gracefully? [duplicate]

What are some best practice for someone in management to leave in a manner that does not leave the company with a major gap? Is the normal 2 week minimum enough for the company to normally handle the ...
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About Knowledge Transfer Issue [duplicate]

While I am leaving my current company, they have asked me to do a knowledge transfer. What should I do and what do I need to present to them?
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Potentially Leaving Company - Don't want to create additional problems [duplicate]

I work in a consultancy and recently one of my colleagues resigned. Currently, management is talking about reassigning me to this colleague’s project once he leaves. However, I am nearing a job ...
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How to turnover a utility which I manage [duplicate]

A little over two years ago (about a week after being hired into my first job), I was asked to improve a system used by our office. It was supposed to be a quick and easy thing, maybe two weeks. I ...
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